Printable Valentines

Check out a bunch of my favorite free printable valentines. There are so many options to make for an easy classroom Valentine gifting.

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In college, I was so glad I had a printer. It made it perfect for printing off last minute assignments. I could use every last minute working and do a quick print off and run to class. It was awesome. I thought I was awesome because I had a printer. Little did I know that free printables were going to rock my world. Who knew how much power a printer could have. I love creating and sharing printables. A printer can print tags, cards, banners, and even valentines. I am so excited to share with you 12 of my favorite printable valentines. 

Valentines can be so fun because they can use everyday things and make them fun. Like loom bands, twinkies, gum, bubbles you name it and I’m sure you could find a free printable to go along with it. If not make your own!! Let’s check out all these awesome ideas. Please pin from the original source and give these awesome bloggers some love for sharing their talents. 

Fortune Cookie Valentines by The Benson Street

Valentine Crayon Holder and Coloring Bookmarks by The Benson Street

Valentine Coloring Bookmarks by The Benson Street

Sunglasses Valentine by The Benson Street

Succulent Valentine Tags by The Benson Street

Loom Band Printable Round Valentines 3

Loom Band Valentine at The Crafted Sparrow

Chewing Gum Printable Valentine at The Benson Street3

Chewing Gum Valentine at The Benson Street

frog classroom valentine printable

Frog Valentine at Free Time Frolics

Mac N' Cheese, Soda, and Gummy Bears Printable Valentines

14 Days of Love Gift Tags at Maybe I Will

Robot Valentine

Robot Valentine at Lil’ Mrs. Tori

Owl Valentines

Boy & Girl Owl Valentines at Artsy Fartsy Mama

Bubbles Valentine Printable at The Benson Street4

Bubbles Valentine at The Benson Street 

DateNight Valentine

Printable Date Night Valentine at The Thinking Closet

Be Nerds Together Valentines for Class 1

 Nerds Together Valentine at Creative Capital B  (No longer available 2/2024 😞 )

Easy Minion Heart Valentine at

Minion Twinkie Valentine at The Benson Street

RobotValentine with Hearts

Conversation Hearts Robot Valentine at Repeat Crafter Me

Measuring Cups Valentine at The Benson Street1

Measuring Cup Valentine at The Benson Street

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What are your favorite valentine traditions?

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12 Free Printable Valentines at


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