Free Printable Olympics Medal Tracker and Flags

Get ready to celebrate the Olympics and cheer on your country with this free printable medal tracker and flags for decorating and cheering!

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Free printables for watching the olympics on a flatlay red background

What is a Printable Olympics Medal Tracker and Flags?

A printable Olympics medal tracker and flags is a fun and simple tool to help you keep up with the medal standings during the Olympics. It’s a sheet that you can print at home. This tracker allows you to mark down which how many medals your country has won in the various events. It’s perfect for families, teachers, and anyone who loves the Olympics.

This medal tracker is a simple circle tracker that can be filled in, checked off, colored, or marked in whatever way you like. The flags are an additional bonus to decorate and help you cheer your country on with!

Olympics flags, tags, and metal tracker sheets in a fan pile.

Why You’ll Love This Idea

First, a printable Olympics medal tracker and the bonus flags are a fantastic way to get everyone involved in the Olympics. It makes watching the games more interactive. Kids will love marking off the medals as they are won. They can also learn about different countries and wave their flags. It’s a fun and engaging way to teach geography and promote global awareness.

Second, it keeps you organized and up-to-date. With so many events happening at once, it can be hard to keep track of who’s winning what. A printable tracker helps you keep all the information in one place. It’s a quick reference guide that you can easily update after each event. This way, you won’t miss any action, and you’ll always know the current standings.

Olympics medal tracker printable on top of flags printables.

Included Designs in this Printable Olympics Bundle:

There are flags, tags, and a medal tracker included in this free printable digital download bundle. Here is what tags and flags are included:

  • Let the Games Begin!
  • Let’s Go for the Gold!
  • Go Team!
  • Winners Never Quit!
  • Game On!
  • Let’s Do This!
  • Faster Higher Stronger
  • Dream Big
  • In My Olympic Era
  • Yay USA
  • Team USA!
  • Paris 2024
  • Get Your Game Face On!
A variety of printable tags for decorating for watching the olympics.

How to Use the Medal Tracker

Using a printable Olympics medal tracker and flags is simple.

First enter your email address in the download form in the box at the bottom of the post. The printable pdf format file will be delivered directly to your inbox.

Download the file and print it out. Make sure you have plenty of ink and paper ready! Print at home or your favorite local print shop

Once you have your printable, keep it somewhere handy, like near the TV or in your family room. As you watch the Olympics, update the tracker with the latest medal wins. You can color in the circles, write the names of the medalists, or simply mark off the medals. It’s a great way to stay engaged with the games and keep everyone in the loop.

Olympics Medal tracker sheet with pencil on top.

Ideas for Using the Printable

  1. Family Activity: Turn the medal tracking into a daily family activity. Gather around the tracker each evening and update it together. Discuss the events of the day and celebrate your favorite moments.
  2. Classroom Tool: Teachers can use the printable in the classroom to teach students about the Olympics. It can be part of a larger unit on sports, geography, or international relations. Students can take turns updating the tracker and researching the countries that win medals.
  3. Office Fun: Bring the excitement of the Olympics to your workplace. Put the tracker up in a common area and have colleagues update it during breaks. It’s a great way to build camaraderie and spark conversations about the games.
  4. Olympics Party: If you’re hosting an Olympics viewing party, use the tracker as a centerpiece. Guests can fill it out as they watch the events, making the party more interactive and fun.
Cute printable olympics tags and flags.

Variations for Using the Printable

There are many ways to customize your printable Olympics medal tracker and flags. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Personalized Trackers: Create a personalized tracker for each family member or friend. Each person can track their favorite country or athlete, adding a personal touch to the experience.
  2. Color-Coded Systems: Use different colors for different types of medals (gold, silver, bronze) or for different sports. This makes it easier to see at a glance which sports and countries are excelling.
  3. Interactive Maps: Incorporate a world map where you can place the flags of the winning countries. This adds a geographical element to your tracking and makes it even more educational.
  4. Decorate with the flags: Create a banner, bunting, or just hang the flags around your viewing area or home.
  5. Flags Craft: Cut out the flags and tags and add them to skewers, sticks, dowels, or even cute paper straws. Then add ribbons, stickers, or other crafty elements.
Olympics medal tracker printable with pencil ready to fill in medal count.

Common Questions About Printable Olympics Medal Tracker and Flags

  1. Where can I find printable Olympics medal trackers? At the end of this post you can enter your email address in the download box to have it delivered directly to your inbox.
  2. Can I customize my printable medal tracker? It is a pdf file that cannot be altered, but you can personalize it when you fill it in or add stickers.
  3. What should I do if I miss a day of tracking? Don’t worry if you miss a day or two. You can always catch up by checking the official Olympics website or news sources for the latest medal standings and updating your tracker accordingly.
  4. Is it suitable for all ages? Yes, a printable Olympics medal tracker is suitable for all ages. Kids will enjoy coloring and updating the tracker, while adults can use it to stay organized and informed about the games.
  5. How often should I update the tracker? Ideally, update the tracker after each event or at the end of each day. This ensures you have the most current information and makes it easier to follow the games.
Three tags for watching the summer olympics and decorating.

My Favorite Printable Supplies:

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  • Paper: Depending on the durability you want with your printables, consider printing on white card stock or high quality paper.
  • Laminator: For printables you are planning to use over and over again, simply laminate and use dry erase markers to mark up the printables.
  • Paper Cutter: I love my CARL Paper Cutter. It makes trimming and cutting out printables a breeze.
  • Sticker Paper: When printing tags or other free printables, sticker paper can make it easy to attach to gifts, boxes, or to make your own stickers.

Download the Flags and Medal Tracker Here:

Please remember my printables are free for classroom use or personal use only. You may not sell or distribute the printable or digital file. If you wish to share the digital files, please refer friends to the link of this blog post where they can sign up to receive the free printable directly in their inbox.

Summer Olympics Flags for decorating and summer olympics medal tracker printable.


A printable Olympics medal tracker and flags is a fantastic way to enhance your Olympics viewing experience. It’s engaging, educational, and fun for all ages. Whether you use it at home, in the classroom, or at the office, it brings people together and adds an interactive element to the games.

Flags for cheering on the olympics printable on a clipboard

Don’t miss out on this great tool for following the Olympics. Download your printable Olympics medal tracker and flags today and start tracking the excitement of the games. Share your experiences and ideas with others, and enjoy every moment of this global event.

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