Fun Free Printable Summer Olympics Activity Placemat for Kids

Make watching the olympics and cheering on your country extra special with free printable Summer Olympics activity placemat for kids full of fun Olympic themed activities.

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Grab a free printable summer olympics activity placemat in two different styles.

What is a Summer Olympics Activity Placemat?

A Summer Olympics Activity Placemat is a fun, printable sheet designed to keep kids entertained and engaged. These placemats are filled with Olympics-themed puzzles, games, coloring activities, and fun that celebrate the spirit of the Summer Olympics. They are perfect for use during meals, at parties, or anytime kids need a fun activity to pass the time.

Why You’ll Love This Idea

Keeps Kids Entertained

The Summer Olympics Activity Placemat is a lifesaver for parents and caregivers. It’s designed to keep kids occupied and engaged, allowing adults to enjoy a meal or conversation without interruptions. The various activities cater to different interests and activities, ensuring every child finds something they enjoy.

Educational and Fun

These placemats aren’t just fun—they’re also educational. Kids can learn about different sports, countries, and Olympic history while they play. Activities like word searches and game questions can improve vocabulary and general knowledge. Plus, coloring sections help develop fine motor skills and creativity.

A Summer Olympics activity mat with different activities and a pencil on top ready to play

How to Use the Printable Summer Olympics Activity Placemat

Using the printable Summer Olympics Activity Placemat is simple and versatile. Here are some tips to make the most of this fun activity:

Print and Play

First, print out the placemat on a standard letter-size sheet of paper. You can use color paper for a more vibrant and engaging look. Once printed, set the placemat at each child’s spot at the table. Make sure to have plenty of crayons, markers, and pencils available for coloring and solving puzzles.

Take It on the Go

These placemats are perfect for taking on the go. Whether you’re heading to a restaurant, a picnic, or a family gathering, bring along a stack of printed placemats and some coloring supplies. They are lightweight and easy to pack, making them a convenient way to keep kids entertained anywhere.

Two free printable summer olympics activity mats to sue while watching the olympics

Ideas for Ways to Use the Printable

There are countless ways to use the Summer Olympics Activity Placemat to entertain and educate kids. Here are a few ideas:

Themed Parties

Hosting an Olympics-themed party? These placemats make great party favors. Set them at each place setting to keep kids entertained during mealtime or as a take-home activity.

Learning Centers

Incorporate the placemats into learning centers or classrooms. Use them as part of a lesson about the Olympics, sports, or world cultures. They can also be used as a quiet activity during free time.

Family Game Night

Use the placemats as part of a family game night. Create a friendly competition by timing how long it takes each family member to complete the puzzles and activities. Offer small prizes for the quickest or most creative completions.

Two free printable summer olympics activity mats for kids

Variations for Using the Printable

To keep things fresh and exciting, consider these variations for using the Summer Olympics Activity Placemat:

Customizable Placemats

Create customizable placemats by allowing kids to choose which activities they want to include. Offer a variety of options like mazes, word searches, coloring sections, and trivia questions. Let each child design their own placemat for a personalized experience on the back of their printed Summer Olympics Activity Placemats.

Themed Weeks

During the weeks leading up to the Olympics, introduce a new placemat theme each week. Focus on different sports, countries, or Olympic traditions. This keeps kids engaged and looking forward to the next activity.

A stack of free printable activity mats

Common Questions About the Summer Olympics Activity Placemat

When using the Summer Olympics Activity Placemat, you might come across some common questions:

What Age Group is This Suitable For?

The placemats are designed for children ages 4 to 12. The variety of activities ensures that there is something for both younger children and older kids. But all ages might enjoy it, even adults!

How Many Placemats Should I Print?

It depends on the number of children/participants and the duration of the activity. For a party, print one placemat per child. For ongoing use, print and laminate to use over and over again.

Can Adults Use These Placemats?

Absolutely! While they are designed with kids in mind, adults can also enjoy the puzzles and trivia. They make for a fun and engaging activity for the whole family.

Fun Summer Olympics Activity Placemats on a clipboard with a track in the background.

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One example of a free printable summer olympics activity mat on green grass background

Download the free printable Summer Olympics Activity Mats here:

Please remember my printables are free for classroom use or personal use only. You may not sell or distribute the printable or digital file. If you wish to share the digital files, please refer friends to the link of this blog post where they can sign up to receive the free printable directly in their inbox.

The Summer Olympics Activity Placemat is a fantastic way to keep kids entertained and educated about the Olympics. It’s easy to use, versatile, and filled with fun activities. Whether you’re hosting a party, heading out for a meal, or looking for a quiet indoor activity, these placemats are a perfect choice.

Ready to get started? Download your printable Summer Olympics Activity Placemat today and bring the excitement of the Olympics to your home. Don’t forget to share your creations and experiences in the comments below! Let’s celebrate the spirit of the Summer Olympics together.

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