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Wasn’t being a kid the best? I remember playing and playing and just playing a lot, but then boredom would set in. I’m sure my mom dreaded hearing, “Mom, I am bored.” I’m sure all parents can relate to the frustration of that statement. To help ease the frustration, create a kids summer activities jar instead of getting upset. I’ve made it super simple for you. Just print, cut and fold. Then let the imagination flow.

Summer Activity Jar for Kids at

First, start by printing off all the fun activities to keep kids busy during the summer. There are four pages (find the printable at the end of the post). The first three pages are easy to do with objects around the house. The last page of the printable involves activities that require a little more planning or are a little more costly. I printed those out on the blue paper to keep them separated. Type up your own or write them on slips of paper to include ideas that are exclusive to your area.

Summer Activity Jar Ideas at

Enlist the kids to cut out the activities and fold them up. Then toss them in the jar.

Lots of great ideas to keep kids busy. Summer Activity Jar at

Whenever imagination is lacking and boredom is taking over, send the kids to the jar to pick out an activity. Send them on their merry way and enjoy a moment to yourself. Kick back, read a book, grab a drink or take a little nap.

Keep Kids busy with this amazing summer activity jar at

To make my jar a little more visually appealing I decorated it a bit. This is by no means necessary, but I like pretty things if you know what I mean. i just love that adorable tag!

Keep Kids busy with this Activity Jar for Summer at

There are so many great activities for the kids. Some might require some help from mom or dad, but some can be accomplished all on their own. I hope you enjoy discovering lots of new fun activities over the summer months.

What is your favorite summer activity?

Download the printable here: Summer Activities Jar Printable

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