Cute No Candy Valentines Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Ease up on the sweets this Valentine’s Day and gift one of these awesome no candy valentines ideas. Most come with a free printable tag too!

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Are you looking for unique and fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas that don’t involve candy? This list of 20 no-candy Valentine ideas is perfect for spreading love without the sugar rush and to more easily avoid food allergies. From adorable Valentines with small toys like bouncy balls or kinetic sand to healthier treat options, this list has you covered for a fun time on February 14th.

No Candy Valentines Ideas

You can find these items at many party supply stores, the dollar tree, craft store, or even on Amazon if all else fails. Check out these ideas that are great non candy valentines to give to your kids or your child’s class.

Pencil Valentines by The Benson Street

Gift an adorable pencil valentine with this simple printable Valentine. It is a great idea for a classroom valentine’s gift because it will get used by all the kids.

Lightsaber Glow Stick Valentines by The Benson Street

This is a fun idea for Star Wars fans. Grab the free valentines printables to go with and then make a little lightsaber out of a glow stick and some washi tape.

Crayon Valentine Holders Printable by The Benson Street

Give the gift of coloring with these cute crayon holders that you can color and turn into a bookmark.

Sunglasses Valentine by The Benson Street

Protect your eyes this Valentine’s Day with some adorable sunglasses. Bonus points if they have heart shaped lenses. Such a cute idea.

Succulent Valentines by The Benson Street

Grab the Free printables to go with an adorable little succulent gift. It is one of the sweet treats you can give for Valentine’s day that you don’t actually eat!

Nail Polish Valentine by The Benson Street

A great choice that is perfect for tween girls. Gift your friends with a little bottle of nail polish and a Valentine poem for Valentine’s Day gifts.

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Classroom Valentine Printables for Pencils and Bubbles by Darcy and Brian

These classroom Valentine printables are perfect last minute ideas. There are two sets included. Choose between Valentines for pencils or bubble valentines.

Free Printable Heart Crayon Valentine by One Simple Party

With this free printable heart crayon Valentine, you can easily create a unique and personalized gift for classmates. Simply print out the free Valentine printable and follow the tips to make your own heart-shaped crayons perfect for this time of year.

DIY You’re a Cutie Candyless Valentine’s Day Treat by Surf and Sunshine

Are you looking for a sweet and adorable twist on Valentine’s Day treats? Try this DIY “You’re a Cutie” Valentine’s Day printable. It’s the perfect way to show someone they’re a cutie without the sugar rush.

Valentine, You’re The One For Me – Goldfish Valentine by Design Dazzle

Get hooked on love this Valentine’s Day with this adorable free printable. Attach it to a bag of goldfish crackers for a fin-tastic treat. Kids will love the cute fish design, which goes perfectly with a favorite snack. 

Free Printable Race Car Valentines Day Cards by Where the Smiles Have Been

Rev up the excitement this Valentine’s Day with these free printable race car cards. Simply print them out, add a toy cars, and let the fun begin. It’s a non-candy greeting that will have everyone zooming with joy.

Whistle Valentines “You Blow Me Away” by The Girl Creative

These whistle Valentines with the catchy phrase “You Blow Me Away” are the perfect no-candy Valentine idea. Simply print the printable, add a whistle, and get ready to make some noise with this Valentine’s Day idea.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Bookmarks by Sustain My Craft Habit

Get ready to add a splash of color to Valentine’s Day with these fantastic coloring bookmarks. With the help of the Cricut Maker, you can create adorable bookmarks that are perfect for coloring enthusiasts and bookworms alike.

Printable Valentine For Kids – Heart Glasses by Lovely Indeed

These free printable heart-shaped glasses are a fantastic gift and a fashion statement. Kids will love being silly with these glasses. If there’s any day you can get away with rose-colored glasses, it’s Valentine’s Day.

You Color My World Valentines by DIY Candy

Brighten Valentine’s Day with this adorable free printable “You Color My World” Valentines card. Spread the love with classmates by pairing it with a set of colorful crayons.

Army Men Printable Valentines by STEAMsational

March into the hearts of friends with these army men printable Valentines. These punny and fun cards are not only easy to make, but your kids can also join in the excitement by helping you cut them out and place the army men on each card.

Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards by This Tiny Blue House

These free printable Valentine cards are adorable and are designed to come with a fun surprise – a mini Play Dough container. Choose between two designs with a cute Valentine’s Day theme. The silly Play-Doh puns are sure to conjure up some giggles. 

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to Color by Mimosas & Motherhood

Are you looking for a unique no-candy Valentine idea? Check out this free printable Valentine for kids to color. Print the Valentines out at home, color them, and then fold them. Easy peasy! Includes a pre-colored set if time is pressing, and a black and white set that kids can color themselves.

Free Printable Paint Valentines for Kids by Happiness is Homemade

Add a splash of color to your Valentine’s day by pairing these free printable Valentine cards with heart-shaped watercolor paints. This no-candy Valentine idea is a unique and useful treat that kids will love.

Pop-it Valentine Printable by Mom-Envy

Pop into Valentine’s Day with this Pop-it Valentine printable. These trendy silicone shaped fidget poppers with satisfying bubbles to pop have been a hit with kids for years. The free printable comes in two different styles. Choose between a gift tag or a bag topper. Great for younger and  older kids who enjoy sensory play.

More simple items to give for Valentine’s day that aren’t sugary treats:

  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Sticky Hands
  • Silly straw
  • Glow sticks
  • Any type of party favor 
  • mini sports balls
  • Anything from the Valentine’s Day section in your local party store

Why give non-candy valentines?

Here is a list of reasons why you might want to gift non candy or non food valentines this Valentine’s Day.

  • Encourages Creativity: Non-edible valentines provide an opportunity for creativity and personalization. From handmade cards to unique trinkets, individuals can express their sentiments in imaginative ways.
  • Inclusive for All: No-candy Valentines cater to various dietary restrictions and preferences. They ensure inclusivity, allowing everyone to participate in the celebration without concerns about allergies or dietary limitations.
  • Teaches Thoughtfulness: Selecting or creating a no-candy Valentine requires thoughtfulness and consideration. It encourages individuals to think about the preferences and interests of the recipient, fostering meaningful connections.
  • Long-lasting Enjoyment: Unlike consumable candies that are quickly consumed, non-edible valentines offer enduring enjoyment. Handmade cards or small gifts can serve as lasting reminders of the affection shared during the Valentine’s celebration.
  • Supports Educational Initiatives: In educational settings, opting for no-candy Valentines supports initiatives promoting healthy habits and responsible choices, contributing to a positive learning environment.
  • Variety of Options: The range of non-candy Valentine ideas is vast, providing a diverse selection to suit different tastes and preferences. From crafty creations to useful items, there’s something for everyone.
  • Encourages Personal Connection: Non-edible valentines require a personal touch, fostering a sense of connection between individuals. This personalization enhances the overall sentiment and significance of the Valentine’s Day exchange.

Enjoy these ideas for when you have had enough candy and need some awesome valentines gifts. Which one is your favorite non-candy valentines idea? Or do you have more ideas, feel free to drop them in the comments below! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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