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Christmas has come and gone so now it is time to start thinking about hearts, love and VALENTINES! Sometimes I’d love some valentines that aren’t candy, but useful everyday items. That probably sounds boring, but really it might actually be fun to have something that lasts more than a minute, like a printable pencil valentine. Plus, I just love cute office supplies!

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I was checking out the Target dollar spot the other day and found these adorable valentine pencils. So I grabbed a pack and whipped up this printable pencil valentine to share with you. They are great for those wanting to save money on valentines. Or maybe for the last minute mom in need of valentines on February 13. The pencils were $1 for 8 plus printing out a couple of sheets of valentines! So easy and unique.

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Print out the valentines and then I would put your kids to work on practicing their cutting skills, by cutting out the heart shaped valentines. Write who is lucky enough to receive the valentine and who is sending it.

Quick & Easy Printable Valentines at

Grab a little washi tape and tape the valentine to the pencil. I used a heart patterned washi tape for a special Valentine touch.

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Scoop them all up and share with all the kids in the class. If you can’t find valentine pencils, use regular ones and add a little washi tape flag like on the pencils in this valentine post.

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Do you remember Valentine’s Day in grade school? I remember lots of cheesy Valentines and candy. In high school we used to send “Crush” sodas to someone we had a crush on. That was fun, but it is even better for me to share Valentine’s Day with the Mr. Plus even a valentine pencil would make my day!

Pencil Printable Valentine at

There are plenty of ways to send a valentine. I hope you enjoy this simple and easy printable pencil valentine.

Adorable & Easy Printable Valentines for Pencils at

Now for the goods! You can print the printable pencil valentine here:



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  1. Emily, these are awesome! I’m trying to find something for my 5th grader to take to his entire grade (68 children), and I want it to be cute but easy. These seem to fit the bill! Pinned! 🙂