The Best Keepsake Valentine Crafts for Kids to Make & Gift

Create memories this February with these keepsake Valentine crafts for kids. Kids of all ages will enjoy these craft ideas you can gift or keep.

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Looking for fun and memorable Valentine’s Day crafts for kids? Check out these 10 adorable keepsake crafts that your little hands will love making and treasure for years to come. From preserving fun handprint crafts to photo crafts, this list will inspire some ideas for making craft time fun with easy Valentine’s Day crafts. 

Valentine’s Day is not just about expressing love to your significant other; it’s a wonderful occasion to celebrate love in all its forms. One of the most heartwarming ways to do this is by creating keepsake Valentine’s crafts with your little ones. These crafts not only serve as delightful expressions of creativity but also as enduring mementos that can be cherished for years to come.

Why You Will Love Keepsake Valentine Crafts:

​Here are a few reasons why these keepsake Valentine’s Day gifts are great art projects that you could do with the whole family.

  1. Sentimental Value: Keepsake crafts capture a moment in time, allowing you to reminisce about the sweet innocence of childhood and the joy of creating together with younger kids.
  2. Personal Touch: Unlike store-bought cards and gifts, handmade keepsakes carry a personal touch that speaks volumes. They showcase the effort and love put into creating something unique.
  3. Lifetime Memories: Every crafted piece becomes a memory frozen in time. As your child grows, these keepsakes become treasured reminders of their younger years and the special moments shared.

Basic craft supplies to keep on hand while making these fun Valentine Crafts:

  • Construction Paper of different sizes
  • Red paint
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pom poms
  • toilet paper rolls
  • popsicle sticks
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue stick
  • tissue paper
  • stamp pads

Keepsake Valentine Crafts for Kids Ideas

Use the ideas below to make your own Valentine’s Day Keepsake with young kids. Get inspired and combine ideas or follow full tutorials exactly. Make the these crafts your own!

Handprint Heart Valentine Poem For Preschoolers by Simply Full of Delight 

Make Valentine’s Day special with a simple craft of a cute handprint heart art and poem. With just a little assistance, preschoolers can create this quick and easy craft that will be a keepsake for years.

Cactus Handprint Valentines Day Craft by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Turn little handprints into an adorable cactus card. The template offers four unique styles and phrases, allowing children to personalize their creations with this simple project.

Fingerprint Heart Mugs by The Best Ideas for Kids

Preserve the memories of those tiny fingerprints on a special keepsake mug for a lasting reminder and adorable craft. While cleaning those fingerprint marks may not be enjoyable at the moment, you’ll come to cherish those little reminders in the years to come. This mug is a beautiful reminder of the fleeting nature of childhood, allowing you to hold onto those memories forever.

Valentines Day Baby Crafts by Homan at Home

Babies grow up fast. Create memories with them with these Valentine’s Day baby crafts. There are two different ideas, including one that will preserve little handprints and footprints. 

Easy Homemade Valentine Cards by Crafts by Amanda

The store-bought Valentine cards are nice, but there is nothing like a homemade card from the heart. These are great keepsake crafts for tweens and teens. 

Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath Photo Frame by Lorena & Lennox

Make Valentine’s Day extra special with this heart wreath photo frame. Crafted with love and attention to detail, this beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day wreath features a heart-shaped frame where you can display your favorite photos.

Decorated Photo Heart Chocolate Box Craft by Honey + Lime

Take your Valentine’s Day gift to new heights with this step-by-step tutorial. Personalize heart-shaped chocolate boxes by adding a photo and transform them into treasured keepsakes, making your gift truly one-of-a-kind. 

Thumbprint Hearts for Valentines Day by Red Ted Art

Delight your loved ones with thumbprint heart magnets, a charming Valentine’s Day gift made by toddlers. These cute little keepsakes are a great craft activity and a heartfelt gesture that will be cherished for years to come.

Valentine’s Handprint Craft by Kids Activity Zone

This Valentine’s Day handprint craft is an ideal choice for a Valentine’s Day Party activity or as a heartfelt gift for Valentine’s Day. This unique craft involves tracing your child’s handprints, cutting them out, and creating a charming suncatcher in the center of their hands.

Valentine Name Craft by Little Ladoo 

This Valentine’s Day craft for kids is a great learning opportunity while having fun. Make this craft a fun tradition each year while the kids are little to see how much they have grown and learned over the year. 

Who to Gift Keepsake Valentine Crafts To:

Don’t forget the special people in your life. These Valentines Day gift ideas can be given to so many people in your life.

  1. Family Members: Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins will be touched by a heartfelt, handmade keepsake. It’s a great way for kids to show appreciation for their extended family.
  2. Teachers: Express gratitude to teachers by gifting them a keepsake crafted with love. It not only makes a thoughtful present but also demonstrates the importance of expressing appreciation.
  3. Close Friends: Share the love with close friends by giving them a keepsake that reflects the bond between your child and their friends. It’s a unique way to celebrate friendship on Valentine’s Day.
  4. Parents: If you are a teacher consider using one of these great ideas for fun Valentine’s Day crafts that double as keepsakes to parents. Use any of the ideas for a cute keepsake as one of your preschool crafts, or in elementary school with older kids. Then your students will have an easy peasy fun activity that they can gift to their parents on February 14th. 

What to Do with Keepsake Valentine Crafts for Kids:

  1. Display Them: Frame the crafts or use them as decorations around the house. This not only adds a festive touch to your home but also serves as a constant reminder of the love shared within your family.
  2. Create a Memory Box: Keep all the Valentine’s Day keepsakes in a special memory box. Over the years, this box will become a treasure trove of memories that can be revisited during special occasions. Make the same or different adorable keepsakes to save each year.
  3. Send Them as Cards: Turn the crafts into personalized Valentine’s Day cards. Your child’s handmade touch will make the card extra special for the recipient.

Keepsake Valentine’s crafts for kids are more than just creative projects; they are tokens of love that last a lifetime. The sentimental value, personal touch, and lasting memories make these crafts a perfect way to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. Whether gifted to family, friends, or teachers, these handmade treasures will undoubtedly warm the hearts of those who receive them. So, gather your craft supplies, involve your little ones, and create memories that will be cherished for years to come. Happy crafting! Which one of these adorable Valentine’s Day Crafts are you most excited to make with your little kids?

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