Best Ideas for Heart Crafts for Kids for Valentine’s Day

February is the perfect time to enjoy some adorable heart crafts for kids! Kids of all ages will enjoy these heart shape craft ideas.

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Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are a great way to encourage creativity and celebrate the holiday of love. From cards to decorations, this list of 12 heart crafts for kids will inspire you to start creating heartfelt memories with your little ones. The perfect way to enjoy creative hands on time with younger kids and make great gifts is with these easy craft ideas involving hearts. Older kids will enjoy these too. So much fun for Valentine’s Day and even Mother’s Day or Father’s Day crafting.

Why You’ll Love these Heart crafts for kids:

Creating heart crafts with kids are a delightful and enriching activities that fosters creativity, emotional expression, and bonding. These crafts provide a fun way for children to explore their artistic side while also expressing their feelings in a tangible and visually appealing way. The heart shape, universally recognized as a symbol of love and affection, allows kids to convey their emotions through art, making it a meaningful and personal experience. Bonus many of these cute heart crafts are perfect for gifting to loved ones too.

Engaging in heart crafts also promotes fine motor skills development as children manipulate materials like paper, glue, and decorations to bring their creations to life. The process of cutting, pasting, and decorating heart shapes enhances their hand-eye coordination and dexterity, contributing to overall motor skill refinement. 

Moreover, these crafts can serve as thoughtful gifts for friends and family, encouraging children to think about others and share the joy of creating something special. Whether it’s a handmade Valentine’s Day card or a heart-themed collage, these lovely heart crafts not only bring out the artistic flair in kids, but also instill values of love, kindness, and generosity.

Basic craft supplies to keep on hand while making these cute heart projects:

Many of these crafts use some simple crafts supplies you already have on hand, but here are some suggestions for cute heart craft fun:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • coffee filters
  • acrylic paint
  • paper hearts
  • cookie cutter
  • piece of paper
  • hole punch
  • cardboard tubes

12 Heart Crafts for Kids

DIY Felt Heart Finger Puppet by Fun Cloth Crafts

Create adorable DIY felt heart finger puppets this Valentine’s Day. With the provided free pattern, creating these heart-shaped puppets is a breeze, making it an ideal project for the whole family and even older children.

How to Make Valentine Potato Prints by Fluxing Well

Use a potato to make some heart-shaped Valentine’s Day art. Kids will love painting with this unique method for an easy Valentine’s Day craft.

Colorful Heart Printmaking by Fun-A-Day

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with a heart printmaking activity that is both fun and educational for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. Create vibrant cards and gifts using simple art supplies to make this valentine craft.

Popsicle Stick Heart Craft by Living Life & Learning

Keep your children entertained with this simple and engaging popsicle stick heart craft. With the freedom to choose their colors and decorations, kids will have a blast personalizing their unique hearts. 

Plush Heart in Matchbox by Hip Homeschool Moms

Create lasting memories with your child this Valentine’s Day with this creative sewing craft. This plush heart in a matchbox proves that big gestures of affection can come in small packages.

3D Heart Gnome Valentine’s Card by Red Ted Art

Fall in love with this charming 3D heart gnome Valentine’s card. The 3D heart makes this a unique and fun card. Kids will love personalizing this craft to make it their own. 

How to Build a LEGO Heart the Easy Way by STEAMsational

These instructions for building a heart made out of LEGOs are perfect for young engineers. With easy-to-follow directions, kids can quickly learn how to construct their heart-shaped masterpiece easy peasy.

3 Fresh, Simple Paper Heart Crafts by Barley & Birch

Looking for simple paper crafts for kids? This article gives instructions for three paper heart crafts that are perfect for creating lovely handmade valentines with minimal supplies. WE love a simple heart craft for Valentines Day.

Toddler Valentine’s Card With Bubble Wrap Printed Hearts by Rainy Day Mum

Introduce your toddler to the joy of creating with this delightful Valentine’s Card. Featuring a simple yet charming design, this card uses bubble wrap to create a unique pattern that will captivate your little one’s imagination. This is a great Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers!

Zentangle Patterns for Kids – Heart Craft by Lightly Sketched

Discover the joy of Zentangle patterns with this easy heart craft for kids, perfect for beginners and all ages. Despite its simplicity, this craft can create stunning results, showcasing the beauty of Zentangle patterns.

Huggable Valentine’s Day Craft by Ottawa Mommy Club

Craft a sentimental Valentine’s Day keepsake with construction paper, ribbon, and your child’s handprint. Kids can personalize this Valentine’s Day craft and send it to someone special. 

DIY Paint Chip Garland by Lovely Indeed

Create a charming Valentine’s Day atmosphere with this cost-effective Valentine paint chip garland. Get the kids involved by letting them pick out the colors and helping cut out the heart shapes. 

What to do with a completed kids hearts craft:

After kids complete one or more of these fun crafts, here are som great ideas on how to utilize them.


Once children have completed their heart-shaped crafts, there are various delightful and meaningful ways to cherish and share their creations. One fantastic option is to display the finished crafts around the house, creating a festive and heartwarming atmosphere. Perfect for decorating for the holidays. Whether it’s hanging heart-shaped paper decorations from the ceiling, arranging them on a dedicated craft wall, or placing them strategically throughout different rooms, these crafts serve as adorable and personalized décor that instantly brightens up any space.


Another heartwarming idea is to turn these crafts into heartfelt gifts for family and friends. Kids can use their imagination to incorporate personalized messages, drawings, or even attach small photos to the heart-shaped creations, making them truly unique and special. These handmade gifts become tokens of love that carry sentimental value, showcasing the effort and creativity put into crafting them. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or just to express affection, sharing these heart-shaped crafts becomes a beautiful way for kids to connect with others and spread joy.

Craft Showcase

Furthermore, organizing a craft showcase or art gallery at home can be a fun and engaging activity for the whole family. Children can proudly exhibit their heart-shaped masterpieces, sharing stories about the inspiration behind each creation. This not only boosts their confidence but also creates a supportive and encouraging environment for self-expression. In essence, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what to do with heart-shaped kid crafts – from decorating spaces to sharing love through personalized gifts, these creations hold the power to foster creativity, connection, and lasting memories.

Engaging children in heart crafts is a heartwarming journey that extends far beyond the realms of creativity and artistic expression. These simple yet meaningful activities serve as a canvas for emotions, allowing kids to channel their feelings into tangible, love-infused creations. As the heart-shaped crafts take shape, so do the bonds between family members and friends, creating moments of joy, connection, and shared creativity.

Why Heart Crafts

The beauty of heart crafts lies not only in their visual appeal, but in the stories they tell and the sentiments they convey. Whether displayed proudly around the house, transformed into thoughtful gifts, or showcased in a family art gallery, these crafts become more than just artistic endeavors – they become tokens of love and cherished memories. By encouraging children to explore their creativity through heart crafts, we not only nurture their artistic talents but also instill values of kindness, generosity, and the joy of sharing with others.

So, as we wrap up this exploration of heart crafts for kids, let’s celebrate the joy that these simple, heart-shaped creations bring to our homes and hearts. May the artistic endeavors of our little ones continue to fill our lives with love, laughter, and the magic of shared creativity. After all, in the world of heart crafts, every creation is a masterpiece, and every masterpiece tells a beautiful story of love and connection. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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