10 of the Best Taylor Swift Crafts and Activities

If you are a fan of Taylor Swift and crafting, you need to try one of our favorite Taylor Swift crafts and activities that are perfect for all ages.

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I have been a long time Swiftie, I remember way back when she started her career and I feel like we’ve grown up together. I’ve been able to relate to different albums and songs as we’ve gone through similar things. It is a strange connection that some people don’t understand, but you are here looking for Taylor Swift inspired crafts and activities, so I’m guessing we are on the same page.

Turn on your favorite album (mine has been Midnights lately, but even watching the Eras Tour on Disney + will work too!) and grab some craft supplies. Relax and craft up some Taylor Swift fan fun.

Why You’ll Love these Craft Ideas

First you will love these crafts and activities because they are mostly simple, but enjoyable, with a few more advanced crafts. A great way to celebrate Taylor’s dynamic personality. Taylor herself likes to spend some downtime crafting, you should give it a try too. It can be quite relaxing.

Another reason why you will love ideas, are they are so much fun and useful. Display them, gift them, decorate with them, have a Taylor themed party to include your Swiftie friends to get in on the action! Finishing up a craft project alone or together gives such a great satisfaction and sense of accomplishment from creating something.

Craft Supplies to Have on Hand

Use the craft supplies you have on hand or head to the dollar store, or your local craft store to pick up any needed supplies. Here are some ideas of things you might need:

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The great thing is that you can customize these crafts to what you have on hand or tweak them to make them your own. Add your own personal flair.

Taylor Swift Crafts and Activities

Despite some ups and downs, Taylor Swift has had a massive career so far. And the past year or two have multiplied her fanbase exponentially. There are Swifties found in almost every household. So it’s natural to follow Taylor’s penchant for crafting with these 10 Taylor Swift crafts and activities. 

Taylor Swift Coloring Pages
Taylor has often used tons of color in her various eras. Now, little Swifties can add to that palette with these printable Taylor Swift coloring sheets. They are also great for anyone who enjoys relaxing and coloring as a stress relieving activity.
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Printable Swiftie Activity Placemats
Cute free printable Taylor Swift inspired activity placemats. Comes with two different versions, with activities based on the singer for a fun addition to birthday parties, concert watch parties, and more.
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Happiness is Homemade
Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelet Ideas
One trend that arose during the massively popular and successful Eras tour was making and exchanging friendship bracelets. Taylor fans could recognize each other and even build community by making and exchanging these fun bracelets.
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In the Playroom
DIY Taylor Swift Doll
Follow these steps to make a faithful Taylor Swift doll. Any young Swiftie would love to get this as a gift.
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Red Ted Art
Origami Ring
Paper Rings is one of Taylor’s most fun and popular songs, so of course, it spawned lots of interest in origami rings. This one comes with a big paper gemstone on top and doesn’t need any supplies beyond the piece of paper.
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Pineapple Paper Co.
Free Friendship Bracelet Printable Banner
Got a little Swiftie who has a birthday coming up? Print this printable setup and make it into a friendship bracelet banner. It has multiple separate “beads,” so you can put it together however you like.
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Christina’s Cucina
Taylor Swift Chai Cookies
Taylor Swift has shared her own recipe for Chai cookies with her fanbase. She even provided handwritten copies of the recipe to some lucky fans! But even those who didn’t get a paper copy can still follow the recipe and make these amazingly tasty cookies.
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Crafty Kids Play
Magical Castle Paper Plate Craft
Taylor’s early songs, such as her first mega hit Love Story, captured many hearts. Kids can create their own love stories with this magical castle paper plate craft. And maybe Romeo and Juliet can escape to it once the song ends.
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Hand Lettered Printables
TTPD BINGO Free Printable
This Taylor Swift activity is a fun idea. Print these BINGO sheets and let guests fill them out at a Tortured Poets Department listening party. Players can try to predict what surprises Taylor has with this new album.
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Kids Craft Room
Heart Sunglasses Craft
Another thing Taylor is famous for is her iconic looks for each era. And nothing sums up the 22 look like those heart sunglasses. With these instructions and tips, little Swifties can create heart sunglasses.
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Pineapple Paper Co.
DIY Taylor Swift Advent Calendar
Advent calendars are a super fun way to countdown the days until Christmas. And here is the perfect idea for any young Swiftie. This printable calendar is DIY and can be filled with lots of different Taylor-inspired gifts.
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I am feeling so inspired! From crafts inspired by her early years to all her amazing acheivements I can’t wait to get crafting. Which idea are you looking forward to trying first? And if it doesn’t go quite as you expect on the first try, just Shake it Off and try again!

More craft ideas for when you are finished with these:

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