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Simple to make adorable easy anchor charm bracelet at

In high school and college I used to love Victoria Secret’s Pink line. I still do, but since I’m married and have a baby I feel like I should move on;). I remember one of my all time favorite shirts (I still have it in my drawer because I can’t get rid of my favorite things) was a Pink shirt that was navy with a huge anchor, an embroidered heart and of course the Pink dog. That shirt started my love of anchors and boy has it grown over the years. Anchors and nautical themes pop up in party themes, home decor and so much more. A friend of mine found a similar anchor bracelet on a cruise and I recreated it in my own way, to make my own simple anchor charm bracelet.

Simple anchor charm bracelet at

Anchor Charm Bracelet Supplies


  1. Wrap the cord around your wrist 3 to 4 times to get the right amount of cord.
  2. Tie a slip knot on one end of the cord (here is a great tutorial for tying a slip know if you don’t know how). 
  3. On the other end of the cord, tie another slip knot with the anchor in the middle of the knot, pulling the cord tight to the charm.
  4. Wrap the cord around your wrist and secure it with the charm. If needed adjust the size of the bracelet using the first slip knot.
  5. Cut the excess off of each of the knots and burn the edges of the exposed cord near the knot to avoid fraying.

Easy Anchor Charm Bracelet at

It is a simple little bracelet, but I love how adorable it is. I’m thinking of making one with a bunch of different colors of hemp, you know one for each outfit. 

Anchored Bracelet at

Isn’t this the perfect springy/summery accessory?? I can’t wait to wear mine all season long.

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