DIY Seashell Paperclips

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Seashell Paperclips at

Summer is starting to come to an end in the next few weeks. So I want to savor every last bit of summer we have. This project works for summer and back to school. I love hitting the beach and searching for seashells. I also love to make my own souvenirs like these adorable DIY seashell paperclips.

Quick and Easy Seashell Paperclips at


DIY Seashell Paperclips at

Heat up the hot glue gun and place glue at the end of the paperclip.

Easy to make your own paperclips at

Place seashell on the glue on the paperclip. Position and squeeze tight. Let the glue dry. Then they are ready to enjoy and hold all your important papers together.

Nautical Inspired Seashell Paperclips at

These nautical inspired seashell paper clips are adorable. Plus they have a great purpose. I love things that are cute and have a purpose. It makes them that much more special.

Easy to make Seashell Paperclips at

Souvenir paperclips can serve as a reminder of a great vacation or serve as a stylish party accessory.

Create your own seashell paperclips at

These paperclips would work well at a nautical themed wedding or party. They could hold place cards, menus and other important guest information. 

Make your own seashell paperclips at

I love all the variety with different shells. I love that something so pretty can be so different with each individual seashell. It is kind of like snowflakes. I can’t wait to see these pretty summer paperclips all over my desk.

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  1. Love the DYI seashell paper clips. where did you find your paper clips? All I can find is the plain ones, not with the round circle end. Or did you add the circle to the end before you glued the shell. Either way, I appreciate a tip.