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Can I just tell you I loath moving. It is so yucky and not fun until you are all set up in the new place. Which takes about 3 years anyway. So it isn’t really great for a while. I’m sort of in that spot. I’ve been in my house for a year and a half, but some parts of my house don’t quite look it. Especially my master bedroom. It’s kind of been left to the last. 

I recently designed this wall (finally something done in the bedroom) for a post I did for Shutterfly. I now want to share with you how I made the cute and easy ladder frame.

Ladder Frame Tutorial at #frame #diy Supplies:

  1. Sticks. Any type, size, color, variety, etc. I used two square sticks about 2 feet long each and then cut a dowel into 4 equal sizes for the rungs.
  2. Twine
  3. Stain
  4. Hot Glue & Glue Gun
  5. Favorite photos to display

Ladder Frame Supplies at

I started by doing a little sanding to the square sticks to make the edges a little rounded.

Sanding Ladder Frame at

Next I stained all of the sticks. I like to use an hold rag and rub on the stain. Do this outside in a well ventilated area otherwise it gets a little crazy. Leave the sticks to dry.

Stained Ladder Frame at

After the stain has dried, space out the rungs equally. Glue each rung to the two long sticks.

DIY Ladder Frame at

Leave ladder to dry.

Make your own Ladder Frame at

When everything is dried, take the pictures and use a piece of twine to hang them. Wrap the twin around the top stick and then tape of glue it to the picture so it hangs freely in between the rungs of the ladder. Repeat with all three pictures.

Ladder Frame Idea at

I used cut my pictures to squares to be more Instagram like. If you don’t follow me on Instagram you should do it by clicking here. I share lots of sneak peaks, what’s on the blog and just snapshots from my life.

Ladder Frame Tutorial at

The ladder frame was super easy to make and hang. I just used two nails in each top corner of the two end rungs. 

DIY Ladder Frame at

I love that this ladder frame gives the picture a frame, but also some free space to hang. It is a nice twist on regular frames. Plus, inexpensive and it has a personal touch because you make it yourself!

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  1. Very nice! It’s a great addition to a really fun space in the room. I hear you on the moving thing…we are in the process of putting our house on the market, but aren’t moving to the new house until December…so we’re going to be in that “in-between” stage for quite a while before we even move! Then I’m sure it will take us even longer to make the new house our own. And the master bedroom is always last, isn’t it? (Maybe I’ll make a point to make that the FIRST project in the new house…but who am I kidding, it will probably get left until last. Sigh.)