Hanging Valentine Garland

So before we get into all this fun love craftiness, I must thank a few people. First, Frank Gore. Thank you for scoring two touchdowns in last night’s game. Second, Colin Kaepernick, way to keep the ball moving. Third, the entire 49er’s team for making to the superbowl this year.

You may think I am crazy right here, but seriously. Maybe your husband, boyfriend, significant other, etc. loves sports. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he is equally obsessed with something else. So you know when things don’t go right there can be major mood swings (I thought those were mostly for women, but no not true). So my husband loves his sports and when his teams win life is wonderful. If they lose, well you know. So I dedicate this post to the 49er’s for giving me a few more days of peaceful coexistence with my sports fanatic husband.

On to prettier things. I have some weird fascination with door beads. I remember in middle school I may or may not have had them hanging in my bedroom doorway. It was just sort of fun to walk through them. So the Mr. pretty much won’t let me have any now, so I have to improvise by decorating with Hanging Valentine Garland. So it serves the same purpose as door beads, but it a much cuter, valentine way.Hanging Valentine Garland at the Benson Street Hanging Valentine Garlands at The Benson StreetReally easy to make. So versatile. Just cute out some cute paper hearts. Make some paper pin wheels. Glue or clip them to ric rac, baker’s twin or ribbon. Hang in windows, doorways, on walls. Pretty much anywhere.

Hanging Valentine Garland at The Benson StreetIsn’t this fun! Hanging valentine garland in the window. I love that I have found a way to share Valentine’s on my living room window. It has seemed bare since I took the Christmas tree down.

Hanging Valentine Garland at The Benson StreetHanging Valentine Garland at The Benson StreetTo make these cute pin wheels, just cut out four circles of the same size. Fold each circle in half. Then fold in half again and once more. Then unfold until the circle is still folded in half. Repeat with other three circles. Then glue all four half circles together.

Hanging Valentine Garland at The Benson StreetOr use hanging valentine garland in your doorways!
Hanging Valentine Garland at The Benson StreetTo attach the paper hearts, I used gluestick. Seriously, I forgot how much I loved this stuff as a kid. I just glued two hearts of the same size and color together with the twine, ric rac or ribbon sandwiched between the hearts.

Hanging Valentine Garland at The Benson Street Hanging Valentine Garland at The Benson StreetHanging valentine garland even brightens up walls.
Hanging Valentine Garland at The Benson Street
Hanging Valentine Garland at The Benson StreetHanging Valentine Garland 4Hanging Valentine Garland at The Benson StreetSo easy. So much fun. Make it. Love it. Have a good week. How did you hang your hanging valentine garland? I would love to hear.

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  1. Emily! First of all…Cute! Second of all…I want to see your house, especially with the new paint! Third of all….on Saturday, with McKenzie’s help I finally figured out how I know Andy! Hahaha in high school he would dress up in this cow costume, like a lot! Hahahaha soooooo funny!!!