Frame Makeover!


  • frame
  • chicken wire
  • staple gun
  • wire cutters
  • paint and/or stain
  • ribbon
  • paper clips and binder clips

This is a fun way to update an old frame. There are two different approaches to this tutorial. If you have a frame that you like the color of, you can just rough it up and add some stain. Or if there is a frame that you like but would like to switch up the color you can paint it and then rough it up and paint it.

Here is a picture of a black frame that I roughed up with a little bit of sandpaper. Just have fun with it. The distressing doesn’t need to be even.

This white frame has been primed with a quick coat of white spray paint, to prepare it for a color makeover.

Here is the paint color I chose for the frame. I just used a foam paint brush and gave it a quick coat. There is no need to be very thorough in the paint job unless you plan on not distressing the frame. Otherwise, when you rough it up it will look great.

Here I just took an old rag (or a sock works well too) and applied the stain to the distressed parts of the frame. A little goes a long way when staining. Just go with your gut here. If you want more stain color then add more, if not just do it slightly.

After frames have dried, it is time to measure the chicken wire. Just hold it up to the frame and then use wire cutters to cut a piece to fit your frame. This is probably one of the hardest parts of this tutorial. You may need an extra set of hands to hold the chicken wire while you cut it with the wire cutters. Be careful it can be sharp! Only cut it to the length and leave some excess.


After your chicken wire is cut, grab a staple gun. Stretch the wire while stapling to make sure it isn’t going to be too loose within the frame. Staple the first side that was cut to fit. Then stretch it to the other side and staple. After you have stapled then cut the excess off. Do the same with the top and bottom.

The last and final touch is to add a ribbon to hang the frame from or if you could hang it as a normal frame would hang on a wall or on a cute door knob. Then use paper clips, binder clips or what ever you have to attach pictures or notes to the chicken wire.

There is a lot of variety that can come into this project. Enjoy!


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