Gold Glitter Turkey Frame with Cricut


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If you’ve read a couple of my posts, you know that I love some glitter. I just love the sparkle and shininess of it. And have you seen how awesome gold is lately? So I was super excited to find this gold glitter iron on vinyl from Cricut! But I’m even more excited with how this cute gold glitter turkey frame came out.

Gold Glitter Turkey Frame Tutorial at

Let’s dig right in and get started with this quick easy and cute turkey frame! Any old frame will work. I had this funky Christmas one that I found at a thrift store.

What you will need:

  • Old frame
  • Fabric
  • Iron on Cricut Vinyl
  • Baker’s twine
  • Mod Podge
  • Iron
  • Ironing board or surface to iron on
  • Cricut Cutting Machine

I started by taking the frame I had apart.

Thanksgiving DIY at thebensonstreet.comTake the front part out. If it has glass, I’d throw it out. I think having the fabric and vinyl not stuck behind glass makes the project more appealing.

Cricut Turkey Frame at

I got to try out these awesome Cricut tools. Seriously, why haven’t I been using these. They make the whole vinyl cutting project a whole lot easier. I love the pretty pastel colors too.

Awesome Cricut Tools at

Oh and yeah you are probably wondering about this beautiful gold glitter vinyl. It is awesome. I think I want to embellish a shirt with it too!

Gold Glitter Cricut Vinyl at

I started by cutting out a turkey with the gold vinyl. Make sure it will fit in the frame with some room on the sides. Be sure to put the glitter side down on the mat and set your machine at the vinyl cut setting.

Glitter Turkey Cricut Vinyl at

Cricut Vinyl fun at

Oh yeah this is the most awesome tool. I use to do this with my fingers. Why oh why? This tool scoops it up nice and easy.

Awesome Cricut vinyl tools at

And the weeder is also helpful in keeping all the small intricate details intact. Pull the excess vinyl off of the liner.

Glitter Turkey Frame Idea with Cricut at

Now it is ready to be ironed on.

Cricut Vinyl Craft Idea at

To get the fabric the right size, take the back of the frame out.

Fabric Turkey Frame at

Trace around the back of the frame and cut the fabric out.

Quick Fabric Framed Turkey at

It should look like this.

Glittery Turkey Frame at

While the frame is apart, mine had a place to put a ribbon in the top. I swapped mine out for baker’s twine. 

Framed Turkey Art at

I taped my ends to make it easier to string the holes. It would also be easy to just tie the twine around the top of the frame.

Baker's Twine Turkey Frame at

Now to the ironing. Preheat the fabric by ironing for 10 seconds. Take the fabric cut out for the frame and place the turkey on the fabric in the middle with the liner still on. Then cover it with another piece of fabric. Iron on the turkey for 30 seconds. Then flip it over and iron on the back side for another 30 seconds.

Easy Iron On Vinyl Turkey Craft at

Let the fabric with vinyl cool. Then remove the liner.

Iron On Vinyl Turkey at

Using Mod Podge, paint a good layer on the back of the frame. 

Cute turkey frame idea at

Carefully place the fabric on the frame back and smooth. Let dry.

Cricut cut Turkey Frame at

Reassemble frame and display.

Adorable Glitter Turkey Frame at

I love how cute this turkey frame turned out. From the glitter to the pattern to the twine it is perfect. I love how it spices up my dining table.

Adorable Gold Glitter Framed Turkey at

The flourishes add so much. This is one of my favorite Cricut Cartridges because of the flourishes.

Easy Iron On Vinyle glittered Turkey Frame Decor at

Add any other fall elements you have around your home to compliment the glitter turkey frame.

I honestly love how easy this vinyl was to work with. Sometimes even I get afraid of trying new crafts. The directions were so simple and easy to follow. Even the tools made this project a breeze.

Glitter Turkey Frame with Cricut Iron on Vinyl at

What would you make with this spectacular gold glitter vinyl?


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