Black and Gold Easter Eggs

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Have you ever had a design crush??? You know what I mean, you see something in a Pottery Barn catalog or on a blog or in a store and you loved it so much it inspired you to create something? That was me with these Black and Gold Easter Eggs. I have been drooling over mudrooms and entryways on Houzz and blogs lately. I saw this beautiful confetti wall by Jenna at Rain on a Tin Roof and these Easter egg beauties were born!

Not only are they gorgeous, they are simple to make. 

Black and Gold Easter Eggs

Black and Gold Easter Eggs by

What you will need:


1. Start by painting all the eggs black (other colors like mint, lilac and pink would be pretty too).

Black and Gold Easter Egg Craft at

2. Allow eggs to dry completely.

3. Decide on a design for each egg. I did a variety of different sized stripes, confetti and triangle arrows.

Easy to make black and gold Easter eggs using paint and vinyl by

4. Cut vinyl into strips for stripes, smaller rectangles for confetti or triangles for arrows using scissors.

5. Peel back backing off of vinyl and apply to eggs. Use your fingernail to smooth out the vinyl and adhere it completely to the egg.

Gold Glitter and Black Easter Eggs by

Get creative and make whatever pattern you would like. Instead of confetti, polka dots might be fun or try a monogrammed egg (might want to use a vinyl cutting machine for that one).

Gorgeous Black and Gold Easter Egg Decor by

Have fun displaying these all around the home. They would look gorgeous in a variety of containers or just standing up along a mantle.

Adorable Easter Egg Idea by

Dress up an entryway table by adding loops of twine to the tops of the eggs and stringing them onto a garland. 

Adorable Gold Glitter Eggs, easy craft idea by

What pattern or style would you use to decorate these eggs?

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