Easy Modern Accent Wall DIY with Metallic Paint

This post is part of a campaign with Modern Masters and LooksiSquare.  I was provided with materials for my projects, but all opinions are entirely my own.

How to paint a metallic accent wall in your home at thebensonstreet.com

When we moved into our house a couple of years ago everything was a freshly painted beige. Which isn’t bad, but it just lacks a little bit of character. I told the Mr. that I wanted to paint some of the house, which he thought was crazy, because the house had all just been painted. So I’ve held off, until I found Modern Masters metallic paints. You know I’m a sucker for glitter and anything shiny so this was the perfect paint for me. Just look at all these beautiful colors.

Modern Masters Paint colors at thebensonstreet.com

I knew that this would work perfect for a small alcove in my bathroom. I knew I wanted to paint it with something fun yet still neutral. I have lots of browns in my bathroom with touches of baby blue. I went with the Statuary Bronze color. It is so rich it looks like chocolate!

What you will need (*available on Modern Masters Website):

  • Metallic Paint*
  • Extender for Rolling*
  • Metallic Paint Roller*
  • Painters tape
  • small roller with 1/2 inch nap
  • good paint brush for corners
  • Master Clear Protective Coating*

Let’s take a look at the before. I made this photo real because my vanity was a little messy, but hopefully painting my little nook will help me keep it cleaner (right).

Before Metallic Paint photo at thebensonstreet.com

Now to get rid of boring walls. Sometimes it is fun to add a different color into a room using an accent wall or area. I choose my vanity nook because it was small enough that I could add something bold to my bathroom. This same principle can be used by adding a bright metallic accent wall in a living room, kitchen or bedroom. It is a great way to add something funky and fun with out having to overdo it.

How to paint a metallic accent wall (the easy way)!

How to paint interior walls with metallic paint at thebensonstreet.com

1. Tape off the ceiling and walls. I probably should have taped my entire baseboards and ceilings because I’m a messy painter and had to do a bit of touching up afterwards. Taping is important because it leaves nice clean lines.

2. Start with a great primer. I used Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Water-Based Primer for Interior & Exterior. Make sure to use an acrylic (water-based) primer for these awesome metallic paints. This coat doesn’t have to be perfect, just get it on the walls. Not using the right primer can leave the metallic paint with different results that expected.

3. Make sure to let paint dry long enough between coats (it will normally say dry time on the cans). I waited overnight for the primer to dry. In between coats of the metallic paint wait 4 to 6 hours.

4. Now for the fun part, the metallic paint.  Be sure to mix it up really well. I shook mine and then stirred it with a paint stick. Add  Modern Masters Extender for rolling. Do this in a bucket or right in the paint pan. This makes rolling a whole lot easier. It allows it to not dry as fast so that the paint goes on nice.

5. Cut in (that means do the edges and corners) with a small roller with 1/2 inch nap. This will mimic the roller that is used for applying the metallic paint.

6. Paint a thin coat using the metallic roller (this roller is a little different than normal rollers and helps to set the metallic properties while painting). Start the roller at the top and back roll down the length of the wall toward the floor in small sections at a time. Repeat moving along the wall. Do not paint in a normally “V” shaped pattern that is used on interior walls. The metallic properties of the paint work best when rolled from top to bottom in a straight line using a back roll (roll the roller toward you).

How to paint with metallic paints at thebensonstreet.com

7. Touch up corners, near the baseboards and near the ceiling with the paint brush going in a similar method as with the roller. I’m so messy, that this is what happens when I paint in the corners.

Tips for painting interior walls with metallic paint at thebensonstreet.com

8. Let the paint dry and repeat step six and seven until the wall is covered. Mine took three coats.

9. Touch up baseboards and ceilings while tape is still in place.

10. Protect the beautiful metallic paint with Master Clear, by applying with a roller. This will help protect the paint.

11. Remove the painters tape as soon as the last coat has been painted. Remove while the paint is still wet. This helps to remove the tape with nice clean lines.

Metallic Paint Accent Wall at thebensonstreet.com

Can you see how gorgeous this rich metallic brown is. It says modern neutral to me. I love how warm and beautiful this addition makes to my bathroom.

Easy bathroom accent wall at thebensonstreet.com

The chocolate contrasts so greatly with the beige and the tile.

Bathroom Metallic Accent Wall at thebensonstreet.com

I even had a little extra paint and made this pearly white towel or jewelry rack. Tutorial to come ASAP. Isn’t it so eclectic and gorgeous?

Towel or Necklace Rack Idea at thebensonstreet.com


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  1. Hi Emily!
    This was a great tutorial and your wall looks beautiful! You did a really great job of giving helpful advice for working with metallics like stirring, how to roll it etc. Love the chocolate color:)

  2. Wow! What a great transformation just by painting that accent wall! Love it! (And can’t wait to see your jewelry holder DIY too!) My favorite Modern Masters product? I’m partial to their patina solutions, but I’d love to try a range of their metallic paint collection pack! 🙂

  3. I like too many! Teal, mystical green, black cherry, plum.. in the metalic and sheers!
    Love how your little nook turned out!

  4. I wouldn’t have thought to do walls in this… but I LOVE yours! They are so pretty the copper looks like a perfect accent for your bathroom area. Great job!

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