How to Paint Perfect Stripes on a Textured Wall

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I have this great wall in my living room that I’ve been dreaming of adding some sort of statement to. It didn’t need to be to big and bold, but dramatic yes. Stripes. Not just any stripes. Perfectly crisp line stripes on my highly textured wall. I worked really hard to find out the easy way to paint perfect stripes on a textured wall.

What you will need:

Let’s show you a little preview before photo. Just a plain old beige wall. Nothing to special or exciting. These stripes will take that boring wall from blah to whoa!

Look at all this texture. FrogTape®Textured Surface™ works because of the PaintBlock® technology. This amazing stuff works with the paint to create a barrier as you paint. Plus the liquid seal builds a barrier to acheive super sharp lines. This is a great breakthrough in technology because a lot of walls have texture to them. It is the best thing to use to create sleek crisp lines on any textured wall.

How to create the stripes (this is the hardest part):

I started with a little math. I knew I wanted to add four white stripes to my beige wall. I measured from the crown molding to the baseboard. Divide the number by the total number of stripes. In my case it was nine: four white and five beige. Mark small lines for each stripes bottom and top using pencil starting at the top and working to the bottom. 

Now here is the really easy way to do this. Use a laser level that will run the line across the entire wall. Then use a ruler to follow the line and trace it onto the wall. Mark at each end of the wall and make the line level before tracing.

For the not so easy, but still easy method: Make several marks across the wall. My stripes were nine and half inches. Measure nine and half inches down the wall every two feet moving horizontally across the wall. Then use a ruler or a yard stick to match up the each line horitontally and trace the line with a pencil.

Tape off each stripe. Tape above and below each stripe that is to be added with FrogTape®TexturedSurface™ . I used small pieces of tape to keep the lines nice and straight. Line up each piece of tape with the piece before it so that the line is straight. Tape the edge of walls that are touching the stripe wall. I used FrogTape®MultiSurface™ (the green tape) but the FrogTape®TexturedSurface would work too.

Now for the fun part! Preventing the paint bleed. After the FrogTape®TexturedSurface™ is applied press the edges down with a fingernail or credit card and firmly wipe the edge with a wet rag. Next apply the liquid seal. Shake the bottle and seal the edge to be painted by swirling the solution through the brush tip on the edge with a circular motion. It will look milky. Let it dry for 15 minutes and then let the painting begin.

Paint each stripe with primer if going from a dark color to a light color. Then paint in your color choice. I went  with a pearly white. It took me a few coats to get it completely covered and even, but I love how it turned out. Once the last coat is on remove the FrogTape® while the paint is still wet.

Tada! Looks like a statement now for sure. For more inspiration follow the FrogTape Textured Surface board on Pinterest

What would you use FrogTape®TexturedSurface™ to create in your home?

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    1. Oh I wish I could remember! This was in my previous home and the walls were painted the beige color before we moved in and I do not know that color name. Then I added the white stripes and can’t remember the name of that paint either.