#ModernMasters Metallic Jewelry Holder

This post is part of a campaign with Modern Masters and LooksiSquare.  I was provided with materials for my projects, but all opinions are entirely my own.

Metallic Jewelry Holder Tutorial at thebensonstreet.com

You may have seen my awesome metallic accent wall last week. I loved the metallic paint so much that I wanted to create this metallic jewelry holder that has been in my mind for ages. I’ve had all the stuff to make it, but just never did. So I’m glad I had some of this awesome white metallic paint from Modern Masters. 

What you will need for this tutorial:

  • metallic paint from Modern Masters
  • white spray paint/primer
  • piece of wood (mine was a reject part of a cabinets that I got from a cabinet shop)
  • sponge brush
  • hooks
  • screws and screwdriver

Here is what my piece of wood looked like before. It is the part of a cabinet that would be on the front of a drawer. Any piece of wood would will work though. 

Tutorial for an easy jewelry holder at thebensonstreet.com

To ensure coverage with the white paint, I sprayed my wood with white spray paint to prime it.

Old Cabinet part to Jewelry holder at thebensonstreet.com

Just one quick coat of the primer will do. Let it dry.

Quick Easy Tutorial for Jewelry Rack at thebensonstreet.com

Here is the awesome paint I used. It is called snowflake! It is deliciously shimmery and really does look like a snowflake. 

Awesome Modern Masters Metallic Paint at thebensonstreet.com

Using a sponge brush apply a coat of the shimmery metallic paint. Make a couple of coats of the metallic paint, letting it dry between coats. Repeat until the wood is covered (I did about four coats).

Metallic Painted Towel and Jewelry Holder at thebensonstreet.com

After the paint is dry, it is time to put on the hooks. Using a ruler measure the piece of wood and split it between how many hooks. I had three so I split it into thirds. Mark with a pencil where the screws will be screwed in at.

Easy Metallic Jewelry holder idea at thebensonstreet.com

To get the screws started in the wood. I pounded in a nail a little bit at first. Then using a screwdriver or drill, screw the screws into the wood. Attach all the hooks. Sand the edges for a shabby chic look. Add your jewelry and enjoy. To hang it on a wall use a wire hanging kit or another type of hook that you nail to the back of the wood.
Towel Rack Idea at thebensonstreet.comI love how it came together. It looks beautiful. I’ve had these hooks for a long time and I’m glad that I got to use them now. 


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  1. That’s gorgeous, Em! I wish I could see it in person because I bet it’s even prettier; some things are so tricky to capture the full beauty of on camera, and metallics are one of them! Lovely job…those hooks, the paint…I want it!