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Apple Paper Clips Last Minute Teacher Gift at

I love back to school and fall. It is one of my favorite seasons (actually I love them all but it is time for Fall soon). I love office supplies and getting back into a routine. To help you out I want to share a last minute teacher gift idea, apple paper clips, so you can have as much summer fun as possible.

Supplies list:

  • red, green and brown felt
  • paper clips (any kind will work but if they have a circular head it is easier to glue)
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • fabric scissors

Easy Apple Paper Clips Tutorial at

Start by tracing a round circle on the red felt, use anything small that is about the right size to cover the top of the paper clip. 

Cut a rectangle of brown felt for the stem and a leaf out of the green. Just free hand it. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Glue the leaf to the back of the red circle. follow that with the brown stem.

Add glue to the paper clip and press apple onto paper clip. If using plain paper clips, place glue on the back of the apple following the shape of the paper clip and then press paperclip to the apple.

To finish let the paper clips dry.

Adorable Apple Paperclips for Teachers at

Make as many as you would like. I think three is a great number. Clip them to a card and hand out to your new teachers.

Easy Teacher Gift Apple Paper Clips at

These apple paper clips are awesome because they take five minutes to make and they look super special. They are sure to receive an A+ for a teacher gift.

Last Minute Teacher Gift Apple Paper Clips at

Plus they are functional. I love cute and functional gifts. Happy back to school! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

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