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Citrus Magnet Clips at

I love the refreshing scents of all things citrus. It is such a fresh summery smell. Plus, I love the citrus trend. Cute pieces of home decor and delicious recipes. I’m taking my citrus inspiration to create some citrus magnet clips and you can too.


Citrus Magnet Clips Tutorial at

How to create citrus magnet clips:

Trace a circle on the darker felt. Cut out.

Trace a smaller circle on the light colored felt. Cut out.

Cut the two circles in half together.

Cut the smaller circle into three slices.

Glue each slice to the darker circle.

Glue citrus wedge to the clothes pin.

Glue magnet to the back of the clothes pin.

Let dry. Use on any magnetic surface.
magnet clips with a citrus touch at

Use small strip magnets for small loads or larger round heavy duty magnets for clips to hold larger loads.

Easy Citrus Inspired Magnet Clips at

I love how fun it is to have a lemon, orange and lime wedge for my cute clips. They add a fun citrus flair to my fridge. 

Lime Citrus Magnet Clips at

These clips would make a perfect gift for friends, teachers and family. They are super easy to make and fun to put together.

Plus, some of my friends are sharing 6 other citrus themed projects. Take some time to hop around the citrus projects.


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