Elastic Pumpkin Bookmark

Easy Fall elastic Pumpkin bookmark at thebensonstreet.com

What a great day to share a fall reading inspired craft! I am excited to share with you a fun fall craft idea perfect for all those readers. I hope you are enjoying a book this beautiful fall season (what are you reading, I’m always looking for another good book). If you aren’t make this elastic pumpkin bookmark to inspire you to get reading again. It is so simple you could make this in less than a half an hour.

Elastic Pumpkin Bookmark Tutorial


  1. orange and green felt
  2. decorative elastic (a piece of about 10 to 12 inches, depending on the size of books you normally read. Use a book as a guide and measure around the book.
  3. scissors
  4. hot glue gun and glue
  5. marker or pen

Pumpkin Bookmark Tutorial using Elastic and Felt at thebensonstreet.com

To create this simple craft follow these steps:

  1. Gather your supplies (see list above).
  2. Find a something small and circular to trace. Trace it twice on the orange felt, one for the front of the pumpkin and one for the back.
  3. Free hand a stem to cut out on the green felt. If you don’t like your first one take a couple of tries until you make a stem you love.
  4. Put a dab of hot glue on the back circle. Stick one end of the elastic into the glue. 
  5. Do the same on the top and stick the other end of the elastic in the glue. Add a dab of glue on top of that and stick the stem into it.
  6. Apply glue over the rest of the backside of the pumpkin and place the top circle on top.
  7. Allow to glue time to dry.
  8. Get reading! 

Easy Elastic Bookmark for Fall at thebensonstreet.com

This bookmark is great because it won’t lose your place if you accidentally drop your book. It has happened to me many times. Now I don’t have to worry about it. Maybe pumpkins aren’t your fall thing. That’s okay make a leaf instead or any shape that makes your reading heart sing.

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