The Selection Series Maxon Inspired Bracelet

The Selection Series Maxon Inspired Bracelet at

Did you love the Aspen Inspired Bracelet from earlier this week? I promised to share The Selection Series Maxon Inspired Bracelet and here you have it. It is gorgeous. I love the blue and simplicity. It is exactly the style America Singer would love. Plus, it is easy to make (not as easy as the Aspen bracelet, but just about)!

The Selection Series Inspired Bracelets at


  • small round blue beads (I found mine at Michael’s)
  • thin blue ribbon
  • thin elastic cord
  • tape
  • scissors

The Selection Maxon Bracelet Supplies at

Start by measuring a piece of elastic cord to fit around a wrist. Add a couple of inches for tying off.

Tape one end of the cord to a table.

String beads onto cord. I used one row of beads. Just keep adding and checking how it fits around the wrist until there are enough beads.

The Selection Series Maxon Bracelet for America at

Tie off the ends with a triple knot, tied tightly.

America Singer Maxon Inspired Bracelet at

Clip off excess cord.

Easy to make Maxon Inspired Bracelet at

Cut a piece of ribbon about 8 inches long.

Tie the ribbon around the knot in the elastic cord.

The Selection Series Bracelet at

Tie into a bow. Bow can be double knotted. 

Clip ends at a diagonal to give them a finished look.

Maxon Schreave Inspired Bracelet at

Slip on wrist and wear this beautiful Maxon inspired bracelet as proudly as America would. 

Maxon Inspired Bracelet at

I love the blue! It is a simple yet lovely bracelet.

Now I’ve been dying to ask. Are you Team Aspen or Team Maxon?????

I was rooting for Maxon all the way.
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