The Selection Aspen Inspired Bracelet

The Selection Aspen Inspired Bracelet at

I love to read young adult fiction, like Divergent, Matched and my new favorite, The Selection by Kiera Cass. I love having a different and light story to read. They inspire me with different ideas and help me travel to so many different places and times. I just love reading. I love when I can create crafts inspired by the books I read like this, The Selection Aspen Inspired Bracelet.

I love how I could never tell who America would end up with throughout the series. Aspen or Maxon. I thought it was cute when Aspen gave America his button off his uniform and she strung it through a ribbon to wear it.

Aspen Button Bracelet at

What you will need: 

  • Golden buttons
  • sheer white ribbon
  • Match to finish edges on the ribbon

Easy Aspen Button Inspired Bracelet at

The bracelet is simple enough to make. Cut a ribbon about 10 inches long. String button onto ribbon.  Tie a knot when the button is centered to keep it in place while wear it. 

To wear tie the ribbon onto wrist. 

The Selection Aspen Bracelet at

I love how simple yet elegant it looks. I had a hard time choosing a uniform button because I loved them all. In the end I tried to pick the button I thought looked most like an officer uniform button in The Selection.

The Selection Series Inspired Bracelets at

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