Faux Leather Bookmarks

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Who else loves to read? Because, I love to read, but maybe even more than I love to read, I love to make bookmarks. I was so excited to use this faux leather to create these gorgeous faux leather bookmarks. They are great for gifts or for a fun craft night with friends. Oh and did I mention they are simple and easy to make?!? I mean I am a fan of any project that take a half and hour. Let’s get creating and then reading!


What you will need:


Directions to make faux leather bookmarks:

  1. Cut out the bookmark. I made mine 1.5 inches x 6 inches. I used pinking shears to make the zig zag for mine but normal straight scissors would work too.
  2. Punch a hole with the hole puncher in the top of the bookmark. Punch it twice. Once on each side and you might have to cut it off the rest of the hole with the scissors depending on how well your punch works.
  3. Loop the thin ribbon through the hole using whatever colors you would like. 
  4. Embellish with other ribbons or fancy stitches from the sewing machine. Flowers or any other embellishments would work too. Have fun with it.


The faux leather is perfect for a bookmark. It is thicker than a paper bookmark so it will last, but thin enough to still fit in a book.


The possibilities are endless for how you could make these bookmarks your own! What color of faux leather would your bookmark be?

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