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Don’t you just love ribbon? I love that there are limitless colors and styles like this cool ribbon I used in today’s project! This cork screw ribbon makes for a fun ribbon pom pom. Make a bunch of ribbon pom poms for a garland, bouquet or to add some spice to your home decor.

What you will need:

Easy tutorial for ribbon pom poms at thebensonstreet.com

Start by gathering supplies. Each pom pom uses three strands of the pre-cut korker ribbons.

Cut a small piece of baker’s twine to tie around the center of the pom pom, about 4 to 5 inches in length. 

Take each piece of ribbon and fold in thirds and place on top of baker’s twine. 

Repeat with each of the three ribbons, placing the other two on top of the first one.

Gather all together and tie twine around the center of the ribbons. 

Cut off excess baker’s twine.

Cut the ribbons that are looped through so that no ribbons are still connected.

Use a single prong clip to attach the pom pom to another piece of baker’s twine for a garland. The clips can clip the pom poms to any where you would like to add them.

Easy to make ribbon pom poms at thebensonstreet.com

I love how fun these turned out. They are a different twist on a regular old yarn pom pom. They have lots of dimension.

Adorable pom pom jar at thebensonstreet.com

For a different look from a garland, clip onto a couple of sticks or dowels and arrange in a mason jar. It would make a cute centerpiece or way to decorate a mantle.

Ribbon Pom Pom Banner at thebensonstreet.com

I can’t wait to use this adorable ribbon pom pom garland in my little girl’s nursery. I hope you will stop by The Benson Street from more fun ideas.


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