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Christmas Card Garland at

Well Hello there Christmas time! I can’t believe it. Yikes, the shopping days are ticking away! But that’s ok I love this time of year. I love all the holiday fun that comes with the Holidays. Sending out Christmas cards, watching holiday movies and all the yummy food. I want to help you out with your Christmas decor and displaying all your beautiful Christmas cards you receive, by creating a Christmas Card Garland.

Christmas Card Garland Idea at

What you will need for this quick craft:

  • twine (any kind will work)
  • Christmas ribbon scraps or ribbon on rolls
  • clothes pins

Easy to make Ribbon Christmas Card Garland at

Start by cutting a piece of twine about 5 feet long.

Cut 4 to 5 inch strips of ribbon in a variety of Christmas colors, prints and designs.

Quick and Easy Christmas Card Garland at

Tie the pieces of ribbon onto the piece of twine. I created a pattern and just repeated it about 6 times. Do more or less depending on how thick you would like the ribbon to appear on your garland. I think a little more is fun because it really adds to the garland.

After all the ribbons are tied onto the garland, space them out evenly. 

Pin the garland on your Christmas tree, mantel or anywhere you need a little Christmas cheer. 

Ribbon Christmas Card Garland at

When your Christmas cards arrive, pin them up with clothes pins all along the garland. It will make a fun festive decoration and help you display all the fun cards. Plus this craft is so easy you can do it in a half an hour and it will look like it took so much more effort.

Ribbon Christmas Card Garland Display at

I love the look of the garland even without the cards. It is perfect to use either way to add some red and green to your home.

Easy Ribbon Christmas Garland at


Do you display your Christmas cards? How do you display them around your house?

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