Silver and Gold Duct Tape Banner

Silver and Gold Duct Tape Banner at

Thanksgiving and Christmas are such a fun time of year. I love to decorate but like to keep it simple and a little bit different each year. One of the ways I’ve found to keep my decor up to date is by using fun items to create banners. Paper is fun, but this time I am using duct tape to make a beautiful metallic silver and gold duct tape banner. It is perfect for a mantle, piano, just about any where you can find to hang it. I love the Christmas song, Silver and Gold. Are you singing it yet? It is a simple song, but fun to sing along. It inspired this cute little banner.

Quick and Easy Tape Banner for Christmas at

Silver and Gold Duct Tape Banner Supplies:

  1. Silver Duct Tape
  2. Gold Duct Tape
  3. Baker’s Twine
  4. Scissors

Let’s get to work!

Quick Christmas Banner at

Start by cutting a piece of baker’s twine to the length of your banner. Decide where you are putting it and measure it by hanging it in that spot. Tie double knots in the end of the twine so it doesn’t unravel.

Metallic Duct tape banner for Christmas at

Next cut a 5 to 6 inch piece of silver duct tape. Place the twine in the middle of the tape near one end of the twine.

Beautiful and Easy Christmas Banner at

Fold the tape in half and stick they sticky tape sides together.Silver and Gold Banner idea at

Trim off the ends of the tape. Fold in half and cut an upside down “V” shape in the piece of duct tape to create a flag.

Tape Banner for Christmas at

Follow this up with a gold and then silver etc. until the banner is full.

Quick Silver and Gold Banner at

It looks so simple but really adorable and can be used from now until Christmas.

Cute Silver and Gold Christmas Themed Duct Tape Banner at

Add other silver and gold decorations to complete the look like this book page bell

Silver and Gold Themed Banner at

The banner looks great is so many places. After the holidays save it for next year and if it isn’t your style you can always toss it and make new one!

What is your favorite Christmas song? Does it inspire you to create?

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