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We have a lot of family gatherings. This may be hard to believe, but all of both sides of our family live within 20 minutes of us. So we do lots of birthdays, BBQ’s, parties and more. One of the hard things is keeping track of whose drink is whose. We’ve used sharpies at times, but they can be messy, so with Miss JJ’s upcoming birthday (two already how did that happen), I needed a new solution. I decided to make it functional, fun and reusable with these easy to make water bottle charms.

While hanging out at Sam’s Club (we do that a lot to get out of the house and get groceries). I saw this great deal for Nestlé® Pure Life® Water (Available in select Sam’s Club stores, ask your Club Manager about getting Nestlé Pure Life Water in your store if it’s unavailable). In this special pack you get 40 for the same price as the 35 pack. Such a good deal! Perfect for keeping everyone healthy and hydrated at the birthday party!

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Now let’s get crafting and make our water bottle charms!

How to make your own water bottle charms!


  • scissors
  • string or cord (I used a bamboo cord because it is a little stronger)
  • charms (any charms or beads will work)


Step One: Cut a length of string that will fit around your water bottle and allow you to tie in the back. 8 to 10 inches long. Slip string through the charm hole.

Step Two: Tie the charm to the middle of the string using a slip knot (with both strings through the hole) or regular knot.

Step Three: Tie the charm around the water bottle, using a bow and double knotting to keep in place.

Step Four: Adjust your charm and now you won’t lose your drink!

To make sure everyone can tell there drink apart, you can do different colors of string with the same charm or do all different charms. 

Another great way to make this really fun is to have it be a part of the party! Have guests make their own water bottle charm when they arrive. It really only takes a minute and they can pick there favorite colors of string and which charm they like.

Charms can match the theme of your get together, sporting event, party, BBQ, etc. Check your local craft store for charms or even online. You can really find great deals on the charms as well as the Nestlé Pure Life Water from Sam’s Club.

I choose nautical charms this time, but I’d love some floral ones too.

The great thing about these water bottle charms are they can be reused. After the party is over just untie and save for the next gathering.

What type of charms would you use for your water bottle charms? Please tell me or share links to your favorites in the comments.

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