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Baby's First birthday photo banner at

Wait how is my baby a year old????? I still can’t believe this. I mean it feel like a year or more since I’ve had a GREAT night’s sleep, but she can’t already be one. I’m not going to lie I’ve taken thousands of pictures of her cute face throughout her first year. Some of my favorites are ones that I took on her month birthdays in the same place and outfit. I have been doing this in preparation for her party. I knew I wanted to string these photos up from month 1 to 11 to show off how much she has changed. It was so simple but everyone loved it! 

Simple First Birthday Photo Banner at

To make the birthday photo banner you will need:

Baby Birthday Banner at

I used the pink ribbon and glued it in a loop and then to the back of the picture so that it could slide onto the banner easily.

Simple Ribbon Birthday Photo banner at

Repeat that process with each of the photos. String the photos on in order after the glue has dried.

Easy Baby Birthday Photo Banner at

I used the birthday cakes for the main banner ribbon. I tied a knot at the end and then strung the photos on and then tied another knot on the end. Mine was about 4 to 5 feet long. Length will depend on how many photos are included.

Baby's First Birthday Banner with photos at

Next, between each photo I tied a strip of purple ribbon, polka dot ribbon and then the tulle. Just tie in simple knots and slide the ribbons to adjust. 

Simple Baby's First Birthday Ribbon Banner at

Repeat the same pattern between each photo. Add more ribbons if you like between photos.

Birthday Banner with Ribbon at

Hang and enjoy. I hung this on the crib for some cute birthday photos and then again on the gift table at her first birthday party.

Adorable First birthday banner idea at

Everyone had so much fun seeing how she grew. Plus, gave the kids something to look at while they were waiting for presents and cake!

First Birthday Banner at

I think she even liked it!

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