Huge Flower Wreath

My door has been in need of a face lift. This funky fun flower is the product of the needed facelift.Huge Flower Wreath at

What you will need:

  • foam half sphere
  • tissue paper
  • decorative mesh
  • floral picks
  • ribbon 

Start by covering your foam sphere with tissue paper using the technique in this post for the flowers here.Flower Wreath at
Keep going until the entire sphere is covered.

Flower Wreath at 1Using the decorative mesh cut strips and fold over into loops and scrunch up. Secure to the back of the half sphere with the floral picks.

Flower Wreath at 5Flower Wreath at 3
Flower Wreath at 2Keep going around the sphere until it is covered all the way around the sphere. 

Glue a ribbon loop to hang wreath on door hanger.

Then glue a green ribbon opposite to the loop for a stem. 

Flower Wreath at 6

Cut three or four small pieces of ribbon and create a loop and glue to the stem for the leaves.

Flower Wreath at 11And there you have it!!! A gorgeous fun huge wreath.

Flower Wreath at 12I love all the different textures that are incorporated into this wreath.

Flower Wreath at 9This is such a fun way to work with the decorative mesh in a new way.

Flower Wreath at 10Flower Wreath at 8What is hanging on your front door these days?!?!

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