DIY Swappable Flower Cluster Wreath

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I can’t believe how beautiful and warm it has been! Spring is really just around the corner. I am celebrating a little early by creating this gorgeous swappable flower cluster wreath. It is super easy to make and you can swap the flower clusters to match the season or holiday. I love a fun way to keep things simple and gorgeous.

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Supplies you will need:

Cute Flowers for a fun wreath at

Start by arranging your flower clusters in an arrangement. I like to take a photo so that I can remember what I was thinking when I take all the flowers off.

Fun easy wreath idea at

Find something round, like a lid, to trace for the backing of the flower cluster. Trace a circle for each flower cluster you are creating.

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Glue the flowers to the felt in the predetermined arrangement. Let glue cool.Floral Wreath DIY at

Use one of the small felt circles from the flower cluster kit and one double pronged clip to glue to the back of the flower cluster.  Glue the prong to the middle of the back of the flower cluster and let cool. Make sure to glue the prong on the back so that the top will clip to the ribbon in the right place. Otherwise, the flower cluster might end up being upside down.

Repeat with each flower cluster. Get as many as you like to fit each season and holiday. Plus, if you get bored of one flower cluster change it to another! 

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To cover the wreath form, start with a dab of glue and attach ribbon. Hold for a minute while glue sets and cools. 

Wrap the ribbon tightly around the wreath form.

At the end, cut off the excess ribbon and glue the end down.

Cut a 10 inch piece of ribbon and create a loop. Glue the ends together.

Glue the loop to the top of the wreath.  Let cool.

Clip on the flower cluster and hang on your door. 
DIY Swappable Flower Cluster Wreath at

Don’t forget to switch up the flower clusters. This is so much easier than having to change your wreath every season and requires less storage.

Flower Cluster Wreath for all seasons at

I love the subtle sparkle of the dazzle grosgrain and how it pairs so well with the flowers, sequins and pearls.

Adorable Flower Cluster Wreath to match seasons at

Which flower cluster kit are you dying to have on your DIY swappable flower cluster wreath?

I can’t wait to add more to my collection.

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