How to Decorate a Christmas Wreath + Porch Decor

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How to Decorate Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

I love decorating for Christmas, but I also love changing it up every year. I don’t have the cash to buy brand new decorations each year to keep my changing styles up to date. Instead I’m investing in versatile pieces like this lovely wreath and garland from Tree Classics. Let me show you how to decorate a Christmas wreath and garland, because the holidays are a fun time to add some extra magic around your home to make it an extra special time for your family. During the holidays, I love to get the decorating done early to be able to spend the most time with those who matter most, family and friends!

Let’s start on the front porch, I used an Alaskan Spruce Wreath – 32 Inch LED Clear (Battery). This wreath comes natural without ribbons or bows, but with battery operated lights, that is perfect for an outdoor lit wreath without a bunch of cords! I hate dealing with cords, which is why my sad porch trees don’t get plugged in. With the simple push of a button this wreath is all lit up. 

I am loving plaid this year, so I paired some Christmas plaid with gold to create a fancy bow and secured it with a wire to the wreath. It will easily be removable for next year when I want something different.

Then I used vinyl letters and tags to create the “JOY” Banner. Stickers and any other sort of letters or stencils will work, then tie to another piece of the plaid ribbon. Secure the banner to the top portion of the wreath using more wire or tie to ribbon directly onto the wreath. Laminate the tags for a more weather resistant banner.

I think the wreath really adds to my front porch area. It is a lot of white so the gorgeous green wreath really pops.

And it looks so real. I love how Tree classics uses boughs that look so life like. I mean it feels life like and looks it too. Check out those needles. Such high quality that will last for years.

What do you have decorating your porch? Mine is pretty much a step, but maybe one day I’ll have the wrap around porch I’ve dreamed of ;).

Now let’s dress up this garland: Alaskan Spruce Garland – 9 ft LED Clear (Battery).

The garland is made of the same beautiful Alaskan Spruce. It is made out of the same life like material. Depending on your style, this garland is gorgeous by itself on a mantel or banister. If your style is a little more fancy add in a berry garland wrapped around the garland or simple hang beautifully colored Christmas ball ornaments. 

I went for something more me, pom poms. Fuzzy little balls of cuteness, in any color of yarn you can find. Tie them right close to the garland or leave a longer tail to make them look more like ornaments.

I used a variety of red and white to create my pom poms, and here is an easy way to make a bunch of poms at once.

How would you like to decorate your garland?

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