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I’m excited to have my friend Candice visiting today! She always shares the cutes home decor ideas!!! I hope you will enjoy this adorable Message Board that she is sharing!
Hi, I’m Candice from She’s Crafty.

I’m super excited to be here while Emily is on maternity leave with her sweet babe!
Today I’m sharing a message board I made for my son’s room.

When my son requested a message board,
I could have just purchased a cork board and called it good.  
But being the DIY’er I am, I decided to redo an old cabinet door.
I had this cabinet door in my stash, given to me by a friend.
The interior panels were held on with mirror clips.
So I took removed them and took off the panels. 
I gave the frame a coat of light gray paint.  (It was a custom color from Lowes)
 I left the bottom panel unpainted since I knew I was going to cover it with cork.
For the cork section, I purchased a roll of cork, but the cork was very thin.  
To make the cork able to hold pins, I cut down a piece of foam core (poster board with Styrofoam inside) to the size of the opening and glued it to the door panel with tacky glue.  
Then I glued the cork to the foam core with the tacky glue as well.  
It worked perfectly!
I painted the top section black.  
I used letter stickers for my son’s name and added a little paper pennant banner.
I hot glued some black clothespins directly to the panel.
Now he can hang heavier items.
For the cork section, I hot glued a push pin to the back of another black clothes pin.
 I also made pins by hot gluing push pins to the back of decorated wooden disks, 
similar to these wooden magnets.
My son is really excited to have a place to hang things that are important to him.  
Thank you for reading this post and thank you for having me Emily! 
Please stop by my blog to see more ideas on DIY, decorating, parties and all sorts of crafty things!

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