Rainbow Snowflake Pillow

I am so excited to share this fun Rainbow Snowflake Pillow! I used a sewing machine, but this project could be easily made no sew. I was invited by my friend Laura to join in on a super fun PILLOW PARTY! Along with 25 others we’ve created holiday themed pillows to share with you. I’ll share the details on my cute pillow below, plus a giveaway! Head to the bottom for those details. And if you want to see all the other pillows head on over to Laura’s Blog here.

Find all of the pillows below:

So many cute ideas, right??? So I’ll start by sharing how I created my pillow, then be sure to enter to win a $100 gift card to Michaels and 10 pounds of Poly-Fil. Think of all the holiday crafting and decorating fun that would provide. I wish I could win it, since I can’t you better!

Rainbow Snowflake Pillow Supplies

To create the pillow case, I did a simple envelope technique. If you aren’t familiar with that technique, here is a great tutorial from Momtastic. If you want to do this as a no-sew project, follow the same instructions but instead of sewing, glue it with the Fabric-tac.

Or another no-sew option is to start with a plain pillow case cover. Then follow the snowflake directions below.

To create the snowflake start by laying out the pattern and grouping together colors. I had to play around with it for a little bit, but it eventually came together. You can even take a picture of the pattern and try out different patterns or color mixtures, and be able to recreate it the way it was before if you like that better.

I chose to use this fun sparkly plaid fabric for a fun touch. After the pillow case is done, and the snowflake pattern is prepared. Grab that amazing Fabric-tac and start gluing on the felt balls.

To get the right spacing I did used the Fabric-tac bottle and evenly spaced the six gray felt balls and then positioned each spoke of the snowflake from the gray balls. 

I worked with each color one at a time and glued them one by one. I love the Fabric-tac, it worked great, but don’t be stingy on the amount you use to glue on each ball. We want them nice and anchored, so cover most of the bottom of each felt ball with the glue.

Ahh, it’s so cute. I can’t want to get up a Christmas tree all decorated in a variety of colors to really help this cute rainbow snowflake pillow pop!

Enter the giveaway here! Good Luck!

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A big thanks to all our amazing sponsors and hostesses of the Pillow Party!

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  1. i so am wanting to try to make my own!! i just made my first pillow covering and now want to make more! love the pompom idea!

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    Great work. I made many pillows before but not like this. So, I can’t wait to try this idea of making pillows.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas for pillows.

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