How to make a DIY Rainbow Snowflake Pillow for Winter

Brighten up your winter decor with a rainbow snowflake pillow. Make colorful pillow covers to bring some color to your winter decor.

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Why You Will Love this Project:

This pillow project was a fun way to spend time indoors creating a decorative pillow during the winter months. Time to get excited, I’ve been so excited to share this rainbow snowflake pillow with you because I loved how it turned out. I used a sewing machine, but this project could be easily made no sew. I was invited by my friend Laura to join in on a super fun PILLOW PARTY! Along with 25 others we’ve created holiday themed pillow blog posts to share with you. I’ll share the details on my cute pillow below.  If you want to see all the other pillows head on down to the end of this post.

Rainbow Snowflake Pillow Supplies

  • white terry cloth fabric (22 inch square)
  • a second fabric of your choice for the back (22 x 25 inch rectangle) I chose to use this fun sparkly plaid fabric for a fun touch.
  • felt balls in a rainbow of colors (I ordered this pack of felt balls from Amazon)
  • Fabric-tac
  • Sewing Machine and thread
  • Fairfield World 20×20 inch pillow form (polyester pillow or polyester insert)

How to Make the Pillow Cover:

To create the rainbow pillow case, I did a simple envelope technique.

This technique creates a opening in the back to insert the pillow form. It is done by cutting a slit in the piece of your back fabric, hemming the edges and then sewing the the front piece of the cover to the back two pieces to create an envelope enclosure. If you aren’t familiar with that technique, here is a great tutorial from Momtastic.

If you want to do this as a no-sew project, follow the same instructions but instead of sewing, glue it with the Fabric-tac. It is a fabric clue that works great for no sew projects. Or another no-sew option is to start with a plain polyester cover. Then follow the snowflake directions below to add the snowflake to the pillow. Feel free to use different pillow sizes or pom pom sizes, but adjust other options as needed. Adjust sizes for pillow case if using a smaller or larger pillow form when sewing the pillow case.

Free Pattern for the Snowflake

To create the snowflake start by laying out the pattern and grouping together colors. I had to play around with it for a little bit, but it eventually came together. You can even take a picture of the pattern and try out different patterns or color mixtures, and be able to recreate it the way it was before if you like that better. I planned mine out with this simple design, feel free to copy my exact design or the best part about this snowflake pillow pattern is that you can change it up to match your preferences. To enhance your snowflake design, consider using different sizes of felt balls.

​Make the snowflake design your own by using all one color of felt balls, creating an ombre of one or a few colors, or keep it like this rainbow style design.

The next step after the pillow case is done, and the snowflake pattern is prepared, is to grab that amazing Fabric-tac and start gluing on the felt balls.

The first thing I did to get the right spacing was I placed the Fabric-tac bottle in the center of the pillow and evenly spaced the six gray felt balls around it and then positioned each spoke of the snowflake from the gray balls.

I worked with each color one at a time and glued them one by one. The Fabric-tac worked great, but don’t be stingy with the amount you use to glue on each ball. We want them nice and anchored, so cover most of the bottom of each felt ball with the glue. Be sure to allow enough time for the glue to dry completely. After it is completely dried, add the pillow insert into the pillow case and display.

Ahh, it’s so cute. I can’t want to get up a Christmas tree all decorated in a variety of colors to really help this cute rainbow snowflake pillow pop! Plus, after Christmas this pillow works great to decorate with all throughout January as a throw pillow or it would be great as a decorative nursery pillow to add some color and festive cheer around the holidays.


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A big thanks to all our amazing sponsors and hostesses of the Pillow Party!

Fairfield World | Beacon | Laura Kelly Designs | The Hedgehog Hollow

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Updated 12/26/2023


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