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Hello Benson Street readers!!! 
My name is Megan, I blog over at Crafter Club.  It’s a blog about all things crafty and DIY.
I love Emily’s style and I am SO excited to be here today!
A few months back my mom and I were out shopping at a favorite store of ours. On this particular day they happened to be playing some fun games, with prizes being decor.
I was lucky enough to be a winner, and chose this frame below as my take home prize.
Now, I have this obsession with frames and have TONS in my home. So when I walked through the door with yet ‘another frame’, the hubs was a titch less than thrilled.
However, what he didn’t know what I was planning on redoing this frame, into something other than an actual frame. The wheels in my head were spinning, and I knew what I wanted it to be.
I took a few turns on this redo, changing the way I ended up doing it, but I LOVE what I came up with.
Enter the Flag frame.
All I did for this result was mod podge a dollar store American flag over my frame. 
This made the flag hard and sturdy. I got my flag at the thrift store, and it was yellowing, so all I did was add a little paint here and there. This part actually was a lot of fun, kind of like ‘antique-ing’ it I guess you could say.
I really am happy with the results and am sooo excited for the 4th of July!
 photo ccsig_zps07bfb9a0.png

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