Mario Wii Party Favor {Guest Post Love & Laundry}

Today one of my fun blog friends is sharing a super cute and fun party favor idea! She is a doll and I hope you pop over to check out her blog!

Hello Benson Street readers. I’m Shatzi and I blog over at Love and Laundry! I’m so excited to be here today! I just love Emily’s blog and she’s one of the few bloggers that I know in real life. And I would say that she’s even more sweet in person.


I’m a mom of three kiddos who I unbiasedly think are pretty much the greatest children in the whole world! When I’m not playing with them, I also love to cook, craft, sew and sometimes read. Then, I blog all about it!

Today I wanted to share a fun party favor from my son’s last birthday! He loves playing the Wii and all things Mario are his favorite. He decided in a heart beat that he wanted a Mario birthday party. I felt super busy at the time so I didn’t hand make all of the decorations and treats like I have in the past. But his party turned out super cute!

We had a pizza party, a pinata and played lots of games it was great! It’s funny how us moms feel like we need to make every birthday party look like they do in a magazine, but all the kids really want to do is play and eat cake! It taught me a huge lesson about simplifying!

The one thing I did hand make were the party favors!

They were really easy to make, too. I found a Wii Remote Chocolate mold for a few dollars on Amazon

I bought some really cheap Almond Bark, melted it and called it good! Maybe if these were for chocolate loving adults, I would have been a little more choosy, but I knew that kids wouldn’t care!



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Thank you for letting me guest post here today, Emily! It’s been so fun!




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