Book Review: Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie

I just can’t stop reading these novels about corrupt governments and rebel forces taking over. I guess I like it when the girls kick some fanny. Then I wonder could I do this. Could I have been as brave as the founders of America or Katniss or Cassia (the main character in the Matched Trilogy). I’m not sure, but I have a great imagination of what I could do to throw over the corrupt government. First, I need to learn how to shoot with a bow. I used to think those people walking around with a quiver of arrows on their back at college were silly. Little did I know they were right on track with Katniss. Anyways, the Matched Trilogy is a slightly different take on the corrupt government versus the rebels. I enjoyed it. I shed a few tears, but all in all it was a good read.

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Let me paint the picture for you. You’ve just turned seventeen. Your life is just beginning. The society will match you with the ideal spouse at a special banquet in your seventeenth year. After the society chooses your mate, you will be constantly watched to know what your most suited occupation will be. Your life is planned. There is no choice. You know you will die at a ripe old age. Each day continues just like the last. Entertainment is limited. Most of the literature, music and artwork has been limited to 100 selections of each. Only 100 songs. Only 100 paintings. Only 100 poems. This is the best thing for you, because the society has mapped out the best way to live life.

When Cassia attends her match banquet some strange things happen. Things that don’t happen in the most perfect society. Could there be more than one perfect match for her? Join her on a quest to find who she is, the mysteries of her family’s past and what will the future hold. Will she live by the rules of the society or will se create a new life for herself.

I couldn’t imagine a life without choice. This is what drew me to this book. That and the love triangle, oh my.

Ally Condie takes you on a wild journey of changing fates, rebellion and love in Matched, Crossed and Reached. The best part about starting this trilogy now is all the books are out, so no WAITING for the next book!

I give the Matched Trilogy a 7 out of 10. I won’t give my full reasoning because it will spoil the ending. It made me think, but it was light enough for me to just enjoy the book.

Check out this link for fun Matched party ideas. Click here: Matched Party. Lots of cute ideas to go along with the book. Start a book club. This could be a great place to read this book and incorporate the party ideas.

What books are you reading? Are there some good ones that I am missing? Let me know. I love comments and books.


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  1. I totally loved Hunger Games trilogy and have been looking for something to read that would enthrall me like that again… I heard about these ones at the very beginning of the year and I couldn’t remember the actual title, but I’m quite sure it was these! Now I know what to look for! 🙂 I have to be careful when I read, though, cause it means I kinda lose my head a bit… 🙂 Hope you’re having an awesome week, Emily. PS… Your KPVI More show was great!

    1. Sky, Thanks! That is so sweet of you. Thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about getting lost while reading. I could forget everything and just read.

  2. Emily have we connected before? I’m a humungo book freak. I’m totally addicted to YA lit. I may have made Cassia’s Matched banquet dress and ahem wore it to Ally’s Reached release party (oh yes I felt like a huge dork with all the teeny boppers). Any ways if you’re on goodreads I’d love to be friends (I’m there under raegun) and if you’re interested we’d love to have you join our book club there are a bunch of other crafty bloggers in the group!

    Marissa @ Rae Gun Ramblings

    1. Marissa, I don’t think we have connected before. I’m not on good reads, but I will look into it. Sounds like fun! Did you post about the reached release party? I would love to see the dress!