Book Review~The Princess Academy

If you didn’t know this already, I love to read books. I am always reading at least one book if not two or three at any given time. I think back to junior high and high school and when my friends were doing something I didn’t really care for, I was all to ready to snuggle up with a good book.

Today I want to tell you about The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. As I have graduated from college and am no longer a young adult (in the form of reading age groups) I have found that there are many books that include things that I don’t want to read about whether there is colorful language or suggestive parts, I have returned to Young Adult Literature. For the most part it is clean, easy to read, and I enjoy it very much.

The Princess Academy is about a young girl named Miri, who has lived her whole life in a mountain quarry. Miri who is small for her age is not allowed to help with any of the important responsibilities in the quarry or her small mountain home, until an announcement is made that the girl who is to marry the Prince of Danland is to come from her home. To prepare a Princess Academy is created to tutor the girls in hopes that they will win the Prince’s heart.

Miri may not be too interested in the possibility of becoming a princess, but she is interested in learning all she can about the new subjects. From her studies she finds a way to help her fellow neighbors and save their home.

The Princess Academy has young romance, action, and fantasy all rolled into one. I would suggest this book to any girl young or old. And we all know the best books don’t end with one, so when you have finished The Princess Academy you can pick up The Princess Academy: A Palace of Stone.

What great books have you been reading lately? I loved to have more good books on my list to read.


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