The Forgotten Garden~A Book Review

I remember being in middle school and loving to read horrific murder stalker mysteries. You know the type by Mary Higgins Clark and Joan Lowery Nixon. I couldn’t get enough the suspense and mystery. As I grew up a little bit and moved out on my own, I realized those books scared the crap out of me and it wasn’t as easy to forget about them when my parents and siblings weren’t in under the same roof as me.

I thought I would have to leave behind the whole genre of mystery because I had become a wimp. That was until I found The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I fell in love with mystery all over again and there wasn’t any gruesome murders or super scary parts (which made me sleep easier).

The Forgotten Garden takes you on a mysterious journey to find an old woman’s past through what happened to her as a little child. She was found when she was very small on a ship to Australia. She was adopted into a family and never remembered having a life or family before she was adopted. After believing for 20 years that she is part of her family, her father tells her the truth. She is consumed with finding out her real identity. At the end of her life she still has not deciphered her own mystery. The quest is then given to her granddaughter.

I was kept guessing until the end. I hope you will too.

If you have been looking for a good read, you’ve found it in The Forgotten Garden. I vote that you read it. It was so wonderful. I didn’t want to put it down. I have fallen for Kate Morton’s novel and can’t wait to read her other works.


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