Washi Tape Bookends

Washi tape bookends are a great way to add some pizzazz to your home decor. It is cheap to buy, but makes everything so much fun. Washi Tape Bookends at www.thebensonstreet.comI just started with a couple of metal “B” for Benson bookends that I bought at IKEA. I can’t honestly remember how much they were, but they were a great deal. I love that about IKEA. I have been buying tons and tons of washi tape and haven’t used a lot of it lately. This was a great project to mix and match some of my new tapes. I get most of mine from Pick Your Plum.

Washi Covered Bookends at www.thebensonstreet.com

To cover the bookends, I decided on a pattern with three tapes. Then I just started lining them out and on one book end, I cut around the edges. I think it was better on the second bookend where I took the washi tape and folded it around on the back side. It will help it stick a little bit better.

Washi Bookends at www.thebensonstreet.com

Finish off with some cute baker’s twine and put these cute washi tape bookends into action. They are currently holding many of my classic favorites. Anne of Green Gables, Pride & Prejudice and Jane Eyre to name a few.

Washie Tape Bookend at www.thebensonstreet.com

I love how the bookend is already playful with the way the “B” slants, but it makes it even more playful by adding the mix of patterns and colors. 

Washi with Bookends at www.thebensonstreet.com

These washi tape bookends are certainly making my office space a little more cheery. It is one of the rooms, I tend to neglect. I shouldn’t, because it deserves to look pretty too.

Washi tape covered bookends at www.thebensonstreet.com

Aren’t these the cutest books. I love how tiny and dainty they are. Totally appropriate for their titles. I just love things that can be pretty and functional.

Washi Bookends with twine at www.thebensonstreet.com

Would you mix the patterns on the washi tape or go for one all over color? I kind of love the striped look the variety of colors and patterns bring, but a one color look would be pretty sophisticated.

Washi Bookends with www.thebensonstreet.com

What books would your washi tape bookends hold in place? I am always looking for a good read!!

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