Washi Tape Party Toothpicks

Washi Party Toothpicks at The Benson StreetRemember learning about Romeo & Juliet, reading it, or watching the movie? Do you remember this quote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” The rose may still smell as sweet, but would it seem as beautiful with some horrible name. I’m not so sure. The name, smell and appearance create the rose. I feel that this is the same with food. Presentation is worth a lot. Humans in general like things that look nice, new and organized. That is why I think these party toothpicks made with washi tape are soo fun.

Washi Party Toothpicks at The Benson Street5Take this yummy chocolate cake for example. Yes it looks good, but doesn’t it look great with the cute plate and the fun washi party toothpicks. They work perfect to dress up cakes, cupcakes, brownies, appetizers, anything you can stick them into.

Washi Party Toothpicks at The Benson Street 6 Washi Party Toothpicks at The Benson Street2

To make washi party toothpicks, wrap a piece of tape around the top of the toothpick. cut out a triangle to make it look like a cute little flag. Stick them wherever you can think of.

Washi Party Toothpicks at The Benson Street 7 Washi Party Toothpicks at The Benson Street4 Washi Party Toothpicks at The Benson Street 8 Aren’t they adorable? I am just caught up in anything cute, patterned and that involves yummy looking and tasting food.

Washi Party Toothpicks at The Benson Street3What would you use washi party toothpicks for?

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    1. Erin, I got mine from pickyourplum.com and Michael’s. Michael’s has the best selection that I’ve found in a store. Sometimes Target has some cute ones, but not as many as Michael’s.