{Winter Wonderland Wreath} A Tutorial

I have been looking out my kitchen window the last couple of days and enjoying the sun on the freshly fallen snow. It is magical. My husband often wonders why I love the snow so much. This is one of the reasons, it SPARKLES. Like this(photo from here):snow-sparkles

It is dazzling, radiant, beautiful. The sparkles in the snow inspired this wreath I made for you today.
Cover copy

Cover2 copy

Wreath wreath2 Closeup1 Closeup2This wreath is so sparkly just like the snow. It will give you something to grin about all winter long. Let’s get started.

What you will need:

  • cardboard (cut in the shape of a circle with center cut out. I just traced two different sized bowls. This may be the hardest part of this wreath. It was like a hand workout to cut this cardboard out. Maybe it was me. Maybe I am weak. It is just cardboard right?)
  • white feather boa
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • jewels
  • glitter
  • ribbon
  • spray adhesive

SuppliesStart by painting your cardboard circle white so that you won’t see it beneath the feathers.

PaintingAfter it is dry, get your glue gun warming up. I did a 6 foot boa and was able to double layer the wreath. Begin by gluing the end of the boa to the cardboard circle.

FeatherGluingKeep adding glue and sticking boa to the card board as you go around the circle. When you get one layer done, just keep gluing on top of the first layer until you are all the way around.

First LayerGrab your jewels when your boa is glued to the cardboard. Establish a pattern or where you want to place your jewels I just put mine every couple of inches and rotated between them being closer to the inner portion of the wreath or the outer.

JewelsGorgeous! Then get ready to spray again. Spray small sections of the wreath about two to three inches at a time and then drizzle the glitter on the section you sprayed. Continue until all the way around the wreath. Let dry.

GlitteringThen create a ribbon loop and glue to the back of the cardboard. Easy Peasy. You’re done. Hang and enjoy.

HangingRibbonI love the white on white. It makes it seem very wintery. Not to mention the texture the feathers bring and oh how it sparkles! I am in love with this Winter Wonderland Wreath.

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