20 DIY Christmas Wreaths

I love a good Christmas wreath. There are so many fun ideas. Normal every day items can be transformed into a beautiful Christmas wreath. If you are out of new ideas for a great wreath, check out these 20 creative DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas. Please pin original posts.20 Creative DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas at thebensonstreet.comwashi-tape-christmas-wreathI love washi tape! This is a great idea to make a quick cheap Washi Tape Wreath.

Burlap-Ornament-WreathBurlap is beautiful. Ornaments are fun. Check out this Burlap Ornament Wreath.

winter-wreath-on-doorIsn’t this a beautiful way to showcase a rustic jingle bell with this Pinecone Jingle Bell Wreath.

diy christmas winter wonderland wreath pretty brightIsn’t this such a cute and sweet DIY Winter Wonderland Wreath.

Grinch-Christmas-Wreath-595x800Grinch Christmas Wreath adds a great holiday flair.

DIY tinsel and ribbon wreathTinsel and Ribbon Wreath uses a fun garland to make a beautiful wreath.

Santa-WreathHo Ho Ho! In love with this Santa Wreath.

Flower Christmas WreathThese flowers create this Flowered Christmas Wreath. The flowers are a unique holiday touch.

Polka Dot Christmas Wreath @placeofmytaste.com (15 of 22)Polka Dot Wreath. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

yarn-snowball-christmas-wreath-with-pom-pom-trim-at-thehappyhousieThis Snowball Wreath is funky and fun. Simple yet adorable.

Photo WreathAdd a personal touch to your wreath with this Photo Wreath.

striped-straw-wreathCandy Cane Striped Straw Wreath. Lovely and simple.

Acorn WreathAcorn Wreath. Modern. Chic. Festive.

Advent WreathAdd fun to your wreath by making it an Advent Wreath.

snowman wreathIsn’t this Snowman Wreath Tutorial just a fun and easy kid friendly wreath.

Sheet Music WreathFor a rustic wreath try this Sheet Music Wreath.

wood slice wreathWood Slice Wreath. I love wood. This wreath with a touch of gold is a beautiful Christmas Wreath.

how-to-make-a-wreath-out-of-wine-corks2-770x536Cork Wreath. Corks and ribbon = this wreath.

Winter WreathA feathery Winter Wonderland Wreath for a more wintery wreath.

Christmas_DIY_IdeasFor a couple of more DIY Christmas Wreaths check these out. 

 What is adorning your front door this holiday season? Is it modern? Is it rustic?

I have been using my old wreath this year. Maybe I’ll try to decide which one of these unique creative DIY wreaths to make.

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