25 Pregnancy Delivery Hospital Bag Checklists

25 Pregnancy Delivery Hospital Bag Checklists at thebensonstreet.com

Last week I shared with you a bunch of newborn checklists, which got me thinking about hospital bag checklists. There are a lot of lists and great ideas and information. So I’ve compiled 25 pregnancy delivery hospital bag checklists. Most of these list share ideas for mom, baby and dad. I think the more ideas and opinions I read, it helps me to have a greater understanding of what I know I will need. Hopefully, these lists will help you distinguish what is most important to you and what you could leave at home.

25 Pregnancy Delivery Hospital Bag Checklists

Web Based and Informational Checklists

These hospital bag checklists are more informational. They give you a list of items you need plus and explanation (because some of it might need some explanation for us first time moms).

Interactive Checklists

These checklists are great because you can check them off online. Grab your laptop or phone and start packing. It will fill great to check the items off.

Printable Checklists

Printables are always a lot of fun. These are cute and purposeful. Find one you like and print it off. This makes packing easy if you aren’t doing it all at once. Come back to it as you please. It is also easy to take to the store if you need to purchase anything new.


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