Baby Boy’s Birth Story

I made it through round two!! I’m not going to lie I’ve been nervous this entire pregnancy. I worried about complications that I had with Miss JJ’s pregnancy/birth, adding another kid to the mix and how Miss JJ would handle it (and me too). Now that he is here, I can tell you all about this pregnancy and birth! We are just in love.


Last night being pregnant. 39 Weeks on Valentine’s Day.


This summer we planned a trip to go to Disneyland with Miss JJ who is a lover of all things Disney. We had a busy winter and spring and knew we needed a vacation. We were leaving the next week and I knew I was pregnant. I took tons of tests that were faint, but positive and had a blood test at the doctor. I was in fact pregnant, but really early on in the pregnancy. I asked the nurse what I could ride at Disneyland… she said pretty much nothing. Only slow moving rides, without jerking and sudden starts and stops. I cried a little. Don’t get me wrong I was so excited for another little one, but so sad because I love Disneyland.

We enjoyed Disneyland and came back home and things progressed nicely. I took some medications/vitamins to help avoid the complications I had in my previous pregnancy. It worked out good. I never ended up having any of the same problems. That was amazing because I didn’t know how I could do bed rest again with an active toddler. 

We found out it was a BOY at our 20 week ultrasound and announced it with this cute photo and all about it right over here.

Birth Story

I was induced with Miss JJ, so I was worried I’d miss the contractions and give birth at home or in the car. My doctor told me I would know when it was coming and I did. I’m so glad I did!

On Valentine’s Day we had a quiet night at home with Miss JJ. The Mr. picked up some takeout. We ate and played with Miss JJ. Got her to bed and then relaxed. I would have played a little bit more with her if I knew in the morning baby boy would be here.

At about 1:30 am I woke up with some contraction pain. I’d had some on and off over the previous weeks. I thought it might just be the same thing. WRONG! I wasn’t ready for this. I wanted it to be the next week. I started thinking of all the things I needed to grab and put in my hospital bag. Then I got up and actually put them into my bag. After timing contractions for an hour and they were about 6 to 7 minutes apart, I woke up the Mr. He ran to school to write up a quick sub plan while I called my mom and the doctor. He told us to head over to the hospital. I snuck in a quick shower while he was gone and my mom was coming to our house.

Then we headed to the hospital. We arrived around 4 am and got all checked in and hooked up. I was dilated to a 5 when we arrived and the contractions were coming in harder. After we got all set up the nurse called the anesthesiologist and got that epidural in the works. He did an amazing job. It was perfect. Then around 6 am we were able to rest for a bit. We slept some and then my doctor broke my water at 8 am. 

The nurse told us to rest more and that she would come back and check me around 9:30 or 10 am. So we rested. Kind of boring, but I had the Mr. wake me up around 9:30 am to put on some makeup. Crazy, I know, but I needed it a little. Our nurse came in around the same time. She checked me. I was fully dilated and she asked me to do some practice pushes. It was go time! She called my doctor. He drove right over in a snow storm. We’ve had beautiful weather for the last little while and then this freak snow storm on the day baby was born. 

My doctor came in and we started pushing. I pushed with three or four contractions, and he was almost here, but my uterus wasn’t helping push due to my fabulous epidural. The doctor gave me a tiny bit of pit and we pushed for another contraction. Almost there. He said, the next contraction would be it and then between contractions he came right out. 

We were able to do skin to skin and nurse for the first hour. Then we got him cleaned up. He weighed 7 lbs 4 oz. and was 1 foot 7 1/2 inches (19.5 inches). And so the roller coaster starts! Near the end of the pregnancy I was trying to savor all of the sleep, last days with Miss JJ and get all the things done. Then He came in the middle of the night! So eventually there isn’t one more day.

This pregnancy and birth went so smoothly. I didn’t think Miss JJ’s birth was terribly hard when she was born, but now that I compare it to this birth, it was a lot more difficult. This time was a breeze. I slept through most of the laboring at the hospital and didn’t push for too long. My recovery has also been easier. I didn’t tear as bad this time and I guess I knew somewhat to expect and that helps. 

Miss JJ was super excited to meet her baby brother. I was sooooo worried about this moment, but she did really good. She has continued to adjust pretty well, although she has her moments which is to be expected.

First family photo. Miss JJ is not to thrilled about taking pictures these days. Maybe I took too many.

Holding her brother with Mom’s help. Still a little bit iffy on holding him, but loves to talk to him and tickle his toes.

Breaking out of the hospital! So excited and nervous all at the same time. I can say the bed was not comfortable at all this time around.


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