Maternity Update

Maternity Photo 1

Well I’ve been sharing some different posts on pregnancy as I’ve been getting ready for this little lady to make her debut. I thought I better share a couple of my maternity photos and give a little maternity update. My friend was nice enough to take these for me and they turned out cute (except I can’t believe how huge that belly is). 

Maternity Photo 15

I really couldn’t believe how big my belly has gotten. I thought it was large but not huge until I saw these photos. It is good though because that little girl has been maybe coming early for a while. I’ve had some complication and had to be on modified bed rest for quite a few weeks. Things have been going well though so that is awesome! Problems during pregnancy are never fun, but it is fun when you get to see baby on an ultrasound each week.

Maternity Photo 7

We still haven’t decided on a name. It is so hard! Especially when I’ve liked some names for a long time and then decide I don’t like them anymore. Yikes!

Maternity Photo 5

Luckily, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting ready. From getting my hospital bag packed to picking up the last minute items for baby. Just have to finish putting together that sweet nursery. I will be sure to share the nursery when it all comes together.

Maternity Photo 11

I’m hoping to be sharing news of the new arrival very soon!!! 

Maternity Photo 18

Thanks for following along with me throughout all my pregnancy related posts!

Maternity Photo 3

From here on out I’ll probably be on a maternity leave of sorts. Don’t worry there will still be posts, just from some friends and a couple here and there from me!


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