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Baby Girl Reveal at thebensonstreet.com

Well we’ve got a little something to tell everyone. Just you know an announcement of sorts. So it looks like we are pregnant! Ahh I almost still can’t believe it except, my belly is bulging and I can definitely feel something moving around in that belly. It must be the real deal. Come April this little family will be adding a little one. What’s your guess boy or girl (don’t worry I’ll tell you at the end).

Baby Bump at thebensonstreet.com

Do I look nervous? Scared? Deer in the headlights? Yep. Feeling it all. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited, but these bump shots totally captured my nervous energy as well! We had our ultrasound last week, followed by a party to tell our families the good news and to reveal if it is a boy or a girl! The families met up at a local pizza restaurant. 

Baby Reveal at thebensonstreet.com

Everyone pinned a pink (girl) or blue (boy) ribbon on to represent what they thought they baby would be. Of course we had major awards for the winners. Plus, index cards to give name suggestions.

So ready for the big news????

Let me tell you about the ultrasound first. We went in and got going right way. It was so fun to see the baby moving around. The tech started measuring everything. When we go to looking at the gender, baby was sitting cross legged in a tiny little ball. So we couldn’t see anything!!! I was dying. We tried everything. The tech tilted the chair all the way back, she pounced on my belly. Not moving out of that position. The tech was super nice and told me to go see the doctor and come back. She handed me a cold water bottle and told me to drink it to get the baby moving. 

I took a little break, drank the water and then we went back in for round two. Luckily baby had completely changed position. At first the tech was maybe thinking boy, but second time around it was looking pretty clear that we were having a GIRL! I was so surprised. The Mr. and I were expecting boy all the way. Either way we are just happy that everything was looking good and on track. 


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