Top Ten Posts of 2013

Top Ten Posts of 2013! Can you believe that tomorrow is a new year? I have been in denial about it. I’m still staring at my Christmas tree thinking that Santa hasn’t come yet, even though he indeed has. He was very good to us. We are very blest. I hope your Christmas was just as fun.Top Ten Posts of 2013 at

Let’s do a little recap of the year with the most popular posts from The Benson Street this year. I can’t wait to see what next year will bring because I’ve had so much fun this year!

10. Handmade Rubik’s Cube Costume. I love how this turned out. I remember how great my husband looked in it. Such a fun and easy costume idea!

Homemade Rubik's Cube Costume Tutorial at


9. Tips to Grow out Your Hair. I still have my long hair and so can you with my tips for growing out hair.

Tips to Grow out your Hair at

8. DIY Photo Booth Tutorial. This easy to make photo booth backdrop will be perfect for all your parties.

DIY PVC Photo Booth Tutorial at


7. Apple Crumble Pie. Delicious and super easy this is a great summer and fall treat.

Easy Apple Crumble Pie at


6. 52 Activities for Kids. These are great ideas to keep the kiddos busy all year round. Keep them from video games and T.V. for a while.

52 Activities for Kids at 6


5. Freezer Pizza Bombs. If you love something quick and easy like a hot pocket (but ten times better) then you will love this make ahead freezer recipe. Perfect for big and little kids.

Freezer Pizza Bombs at 3


4. Lemon Sugar Scrub plus free printable tag. This is a perfect gift for any occasion or a great way to get rid of dry skin. Easy to make and smell delicious.

Easy Lemon Sugar Scrub at


3. 15 Spring Cleaning Organization Tips. Get organized for your spring cleaning. Some easy tips to make the cleaning go quicker.

Photo Courtesy of Alan Cleaver
Photo Courtesy of Alan Cleaver

2. Pumpkin Magnets. These are super easy and fun to make. Keep this idea in mind for fall. These are a perfect craft with kids.

Pumpkin Magnet Tutorial at


1. Summer Fun Activity Calendar. Wow I never thought this would be the number one post of 2013, but it is a great idea to keep the kids having fun all summer long and fight the summer boredom.

Summer Activites Calendar at



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